Six tips to find the perfect engagement ring if you’re on a budget

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  • Looking to pop the question? Diamond expert Tobias Kormind, co-founder of 77 Diamonds, shares his money-boosting tips:

    1. The colour of white diamonds are graded D-Z. D is the whitest and Z is quite yellow/brown. However, you don’t need to splash out on D grade! Grades G and H offer the best value for money without compromising on visual quality.

    2. Always look at the measurements of a diamond as you can get similar measurements as larger stones but without paying the premium. For example in choosing a 0.90ct diamond, you can get similar measurements as a 1.0ct stone and save up to 30% on the price as diamonds are predominantly priced by the carat.

    3. Ring styles can assist the size and appearance of the ring on a hand. Engagement rings with a single, or double halo give the illusion of a bigger, more expensive ring, but can cost a fraction of the price. A single 2-carat diamond covers the same area as a 0.50ct diamond with a halo – with a price difference of almost £20k!

    4. Metal colours are a great way to get more bling for your buck. The hues of yellow and rose gold mean you can afford to get a lower quality of colour in your diamond. You can go for I, J, or K colour diamonds in yellow or rose gold.

    5. Clarity is an important factor for a diamond, but unless you have a magnifying glass or loupe to view stones, it’s impossible to tell whether a diamond is flawless or not. Clarity grades VS2/SI1 offer the visual appearance of a flawless diamond to the naked eye without the hefty price tag!

    6. An engagement ring that tapers towards the diamond will enhance its size and brilliance, making it look bigger and more expensive than it is.

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