How to make bank selling your pre-loved clothes on Depop

A bit of pocket money goes a long way.

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A bit of pocket money goes a long way.

Whether you like it or not, autumn has arrived and it's time to start packing your summer shorts and dresses away. (We know, we're devastated too.) However there's a bunch of awesome autumn fashion trends this season that we've totally fallen in love with, but our budget - as usual - isn't working in our favourite. All those trench coats, shell jewellery pieces and slouchy winter boots we've fallen in love with aren't going to be ours anytime soon...unless something changes, that is.

If you're keen on making a bit of money to finally put towards that Rixo London dress, we've found a solution. It's time to download Depop, a fashion app which allows you to buy and sell secondhand pieces to literally anybody in the world. It's totally free to download and register, plus with ten million people using the global marketplace all over the world you're sure to find somebody who'll pick up your old gown and boots.


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Interested? We chatted to the team behind Depop, as well one of their major sellers @oliviacook06, to figure out everything you need to know. Don't say goodbye to your fantasy £200 coat just yet...

Is Depop safe?

You can never be safe enough when it comes to dealing with money on the internet and we spoke to the brand to make sure it’s all A-OK. They told us, ‘Depop is very safe. We have Paypal integrated with our app for all customer transactions - so you never need to share you banking details with anyone, it also ensures users are covered with the buyer and seller protection.'

How to become a successful seller

We chatted to both a rep from Depop and one of their popular sellers: @oliviacook06. With nearly 50,000 followers and a 90s street aesthetic, it’s no surprise Olivia’s doing pretty well for herself with her own shop which she's nicknamed WEIRDO. (She's sold hundreds of products sold to happy sartorialists around the world, so she really knows what she's doing.) Here’s a few secrets to success on the platform…

Be responsive


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When you’re buying something second-hand, people are naturally going to have a lot of questions. There’s only so much you can tell from a photograph, after all. Although it might seem like a hassle, taking time out to answer queries makes a huge difference when it comes to your bottom line.

Olivia said, ‘Be active on the app! Reply to any questions and comments as quickly as possible.’

Depop also recommended, ‘Being consistent and keeping your shop active is very important.’

Have great photography



Both Olivia and Depop agreed on this one - having slick styled shots make a huge difference on the platform. As with Instagram, Pinterest and any other visual platform, you need something that will make you stand out as people scroll through literally thousands of pictures.

Olivia said, ‘Make sure the pictures of your items are clear and modelled on someone, as most buyers prefer this.’

For example, Olivia models many of her clothes herself. It makes a huge difference seeing how the clothes actually sit on somebody, rather than just having them draped limply on a hanger. Another way to set yourself apart is to really pay attention to your visual branding, which can encourage people to follow you if they love your sense of style.

Depop said, ‘Depop is all about creativity and showing of your unique style. The most successful shops have great imagery that really represents the seller’s brand.’

Signed, sealed, delivered


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With the rise of things like Amazon Prime and expedited shipping, people don’t want to wait too long for their products - or pay too much for delivery either. Olivia makes it perfectly clear in her bio that postage takes 3-5 and for those buyers who simply can’t wait, she also makes it clear in another line that they can message to enquire about other speedier and international delivery options.

She advised that prospective sellers ‘have a fast delivery time’ and said, ‘Aim to post an item within 1-2 days.’

Depop went one step further and said that waiving the fee entirely could be another secret to success, if you can hedge the cost. They said, ‘Offering free shipping to customers increases your chances of selling by 100%!’

Be social and make friends


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(Image credit: Onnie A. Koski/REX/Shutterstock)

If you’re friendly to your potential or current customers, there’s a chance they might follow your shop and keep on coming back. Having a faithful following can make a huge difference when you start introducing new items into your shop, as they might be more likely to snap up one of your deals.

‘Create a community with your buyers,’ Olivia recommended. ‘Be friendly and inclusive.’

Chatting to your buyers and following their profiles is just one way to strike up a relationship on Depop. However, sometimes you can also add little perks to encourage people to follow you or encourage customer loyalty.

Olivia pointed out that having ‘special promotions’ the same way a brick and mortar shop would do was one way to do that, so for example you could introduce a 20% discount for a limited only. She also recommended ‘including small free gifts with purchases to boost sales’ - TBH, even a lovely handwritten thank you note would go a long way in our opinion.

Depop is available for download on the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android phones.

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