Exclusive: Daisy Lowe Talks Fashion Moments, Best Friend Florence And Why Modelling Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

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  • Model, actress and DJ Daisy Lowe takes our style Q&A…

    What’s your first fashion memory?
    ‘My mum [Pearl Lowe] used to take me to Portobello market when I was really young and buy me little lace dresses. Then she’d make me wear them with Doc Martens and a tiny black bob! At the time I didn’t appreciate her creativity and how cool that was – I just wanted to wear normal clothes. But now, looking back at photos, it’s amazing!’

    How did you learn to be a model?

    ‘Learn? It’s sink or swim, you get thrown into it and you’re either good at it or you suck.’

    Can you remember your first shoot?
    ‘I was 12 and it was for a hair care brand. I had really long, thick dark hair and they cut it all short and straightened it. They told me how to sit, with my chin on my shoulder, and I cricked my neck. I was like ‘is this what modeling is?’’

    Did your mum want you to model?
    ‘She gave me the facts about the pressures of the job and learning to deal with a lot of people saying no to you, but she was totally supportive of whatever I wanted to do. Beauty doesn’t have to be confined to one tiny singular tiny frame and I’ve always really enjoyed standing up for women and representing different shapes within the industry. I’m really lucky to exist at a time when there are so many other amazing girls around – like Crystal Renn, she’s a massive inspiration to me.’

    What’s been your favourite ever red carpet look?
    ‘There have been couple of Jean Paul Gaultier moments. I wore a pale pink conical bra dress when I went to watch his show a few years ago in Paris, and then for an awards ceremony I got to wear an archive coat dress. Florence [Welch] and I got to go down the red carpet together too, which was great. It’s always more fun when you’ve got a best mate there.’

    What was the last great party you went to?
    ‘Nick Grimshaw’s party was a good night with lots of dancing. There were loads of us at Shoreditch House – Florence played, Katy B sang and Annie Mac DJ’d. Then we were all so drunk that we jumped in the pool at the end – I actually had a swimsuit on underneath because I like to be prepared!’

    What’s your signature denim style?
    ‘I’m obsessed with American Eagle’s Sky High jeggings, they’re so comfy. I think high waist styles are leg lengthening and just keep everything tucked in that you’d like to be tucked in. That kind of fifties Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot-esque look is my favourite aesthetic, so the waist emphasis is perfect.’

    What’s been your biggest fashion splurge?
    ‘There was a Saint Laurent dress that I actually had to hide from my manager. I DJ’d for part of the money, did a shoot and got a discount, and it was still one of my most extravagant purchases. I’ve worn it loads, even to do chores around the house, so surely that makes it ok?’

    How would you describe your teenage style?
    ‘Mental – I’m more chic now. I thought I was a rock chick. I had loads of leather jackets and vintage Iron Maiden t-shirts, but I did actually listen to the music too!’

    Who was your crush?
    ‘Justin Timberlake – throughout NSYNC and moving into the Justified tour.’

    Who was the last person you had dinner with?
    ‘My godmother Zoe Grace to say thank you for putting a neon light in my house. She’s an artist and she made me one that says ‘He makes me feel good’ in blue. I cooked baked sweet potatoes and beetroot, tomato and avocado salad.’

    What’s the best thing about your job?
    ‘Traveling and getting to see the world.’

    And the worst?

    What would you change about the fashion industry?
    ‘I think we need a rulebook saying that everyone should be lovely to each other. It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.’

    Daisy Lowe stars in the new American Eagle Outfitters UK campaign.


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