Public service announcement: There is an Instagram account dedicated to Connell Waldron’s chain

A mere 48 hours ago, my life was incomplete and I didn't even know it. Because the Instagram account dedicated to Connel Waldron's chain hadn't been created, and now I have a new purpose. Which is to stare at pictures of that delicate piece of jewellery casually lying around Connel's muscular neck. All day long.

Obviously this is on a strict 'if you know, you know' basis, but for the benefit of those who perhaps haven't watched Normal People yet (what are you waiting for?), the IG page is a series of shots that best show off protagonist Connel Waldron's silver chain.

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It was created by Stylist columnist and fashion news editor Billie Bhatia, who quite rightly felt that the chain was the unsung hero about the show.

Who would've thought such a small item would create such fierce debate? There are those who think it's tacky and the least sexy thing since your granny's pants, and of course, they are wrong.

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Then there are those who get flustered by the mere sight of it, probably to be fair because that happens when Connell takes his shirt off.

Perhaps it's to do with how the piece of jewellery rests above his toned chest, or because it shows his sensitive side (I'd like to think it's a gift from his mother, or a family heirloom), or even that he's just so bloody confident in himself that he would never question wearing it in the first place.

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If you fancy wearing one yourself/buying one for your other half, here are a couple above.

That's enough rambling from me, just please do yourself a service and enjoy this account. I certainly have.

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