Sarah Jessica Parker found this Carrie outfit in a thrift shop, according to the AJLT costume designers

Apparently, she's not always in designer wares.

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And Just Like That, Season 2 returned to our screens over the last few weeks, and despite the fact we've only seen the first three episodes, the new season is already proving to be just as fashionable as the last. 

From Valentino couture gowns to Hermès Birkin bags, the series is certainly not lacking in over-the-drop luxury designer looks. But would you believe one of the season's key outfits was actually found in a thrift store? 

Yes, according to the show's costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santaigo, the bright blue snowsuit Carrie Bradshaw wears in the new season was actually a find Sarah Jessica Parker tracked down herself in a charity shop

And Just Like That Season 2, on set images

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And apparently, this is not an anomaly...

Earlier this week, Marie Claire UK sat down with the costume designers behind the hit show, and they revealed that the cast actually regularly contributes ideas about their looks. 

As Molly Rogers explained, "Kristin [Davis] is really good about texting us and going, 'I just saw the cutest dress. It's $45, it's perfect for Charlotte. Do you think you could find it, if it's in my size?'" 

She continued, "They're always looking and trying to help and contribute." 

Although we have yet to see the episode that Carrie's blue charity shop find corresponds to, if the paparazzi images are anything to go by, it appears that she wears the look while out shopping (surprise, surprise). 

While you might be inclined to think wearing a thrift shop buy seems out for character for Carrie (who is regularly dressed in head-to-toe designer) it is important to remember she has always been a fan of vintage fashion.

After all, she is the character who once famously said: "I was looking for the perfect $7 vintage dress to go with my $300 shoes when…"

Carrie's affinity for vintage clothes is well documented, so we love to see the way this has been continued for the new seasons, too. Never stop shopping sustainably, Carrie Bradshaw! 

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