Penn Badgley has revealed what You fans can expect in the final season

The fifth instalment will be the last time we see Joe Goldberg

You season five
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It feels like an absolute age since we watched Joe Goldberg legging it around London at an impressive speed and living a lifestyle fit for a Made In Chelsea heiress

Penn Badgley reprised his role as the serial killer for You season four, which aired on Netflix earlier this year, and the finale left fans with a lot of questions. 

Other than pondering how on earth he always manages to find himself with an outrageous amount of money as his disposal, viewers have been desperate to know what the future holds for Joe - and if he can outrun his past forever. 

At the end of the season, Joe had moved back to the US with his new beau Kate and the pair were very much the wealthy power couple, ready to take on New York - and anyone who threatened to burst their bubble. 

However, many have noted that he has left a fair angry people in his wake over the years - and they could potentially bring him down once and for all. 

While Joe has murdered willy-nilly for the last five years, there are some characters who have managed to escape his grasp. 

Most recently, there's the imprisoned Nadia who is going down for his crimes, and influencer couple Sherry and Cary from Madre Linda, who were subjected to the glass box treatment. 

Then there's Marianne, who is safely back in Paris (unbeknownst to Joe). Plus, if you go back to season one there's Beck's therapist Doctor Nick, and Joe's young neighbour Paco who could return to do some damage. 

And that's without Ellie Alves - played by Jenna Ortega - who could also be a threat. 

So what does Penn have to say about all these potential whistleblowers? 

In a clip recorded for Netflix's Tudum event, he teased the return of some of these characters while saying: "You're considering what - or who - Joe will come up against as he finally returns to New York. 

"Though I can't say who just yet, we all know there are many loose ends from Joe's past. The question is: who are you?"

While there's no release date for the finale season of You just yet, it has definitely got fans excited for the final instalment. 

Ready for it? Same. 

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