The real cost of Joe Goldberg's London lifestyle will make your eyes water

He's a boujee British boy now

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Since Joe Goldberg touched down in London at the start of You season 4, he has become a fan of tweed, waistcoats and floppy Brit boy hair. 

While viewers are positively outraged by the show's portrayal of how easily and quickly he can walk from Shoreditch to Kensington, what is more astounding is that the wild fan theory we wrote about a few weeks ago was actually bang on the money.

And talking of money, Joe's swanky West London pad has also been a big talking point of this season. His friends may mock his 'shabby' clothes, but he's sleeping in a comfy £1.7 million flat every night. 

So just how much does Joe Goldberg's lavish London lifestyle add up to? 

King Casino Bonus decided to work out for themselves just how much cash he's flashing to keep up with his new ultra-wealthy pals, and his day-to-day costs - from his broadband to his bananas - have been analysed. 

By looking at the price of his rent, council tax rates, utility bills, internet and groceries on his English Literature Professor salary, they deduced that he's actually overspending by a minimum of £312 every month - and that's without his trips to Hampsie and the undoubtedly overpriced cocktails at Sundry House. 

His salary at the prestigious Darcy College campus is expected to be just shy of £46,000 per year - which, when broken down after tax and pensions deductions, would leave him with around £2,740 per month. 

With his one-bed flat on a very fancy South Kensington mews costing around £2,240 per month (and that's at the very minimum end of the scale), it doesn't leave much wiggle room. 

Plus, chuck on around £161 for council tax, £44 for broadband, and £264 for utilities. Gulp.

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You

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But that's not all. Joe will also be shelling out around £46 per month for a mobile phone plan, and will need to eat something in between his murder sprees - and groceries for someone in the area will be totalling around £296 a month. 

All in all, he's overspending by at least £312 per month. That's without travel; no wonder he's walking an obscene number of miles every single day. 

Discussing the research, a spokesperson for King Casino Bonus said: "Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Season 4 of You - not least because it’s in a refreshing new setting. 

"After the season debuted, fans took to Twitter to express their amusement that Joe is seemingly surviving in one of the most expensive parts of London on a lecturer’s salary - and without a PhD or any meaningful qualifications, no less.

"It’s no surprise, then, that the reality is that he’d be in significant debt. He’d better start stealing from his victims in part 2 of the show, or ensure he keeps his rich friends, or else he’ll have much more to worry about than being caught for his ex-wife’s murder.”

Well, the part two finale seems to have sorted any financial pickles Joe found himself in - that's for sure. 

You season 4 is now available to stream on Netflix. 

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