Neighbours will return in 2023 and fans are very excited

The soap was cancelled in the summer after 37 years of airing

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When we found out that the Australian soap Neighbours would be no more, we were all upset that the residents of Ramsey street wouldn't be gracing our screens ever again.

So, the news that the show - which started the careers of famous stars such as Kylie Minogue, Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth - is making a come back is been received very well by fans.

Neighbours, which previously aired on Channel 5, showed fans the final ever episode on 28th July this year, but the show has now been taken on by Amazon.

Four members of the cast revealed all in a funny Instagram skit, which showed Susan rushing towards Dr Karl and Toadie to tell them the news that Neighbours would now be shown on Amazon Freevee. 

The news went down well with fans, with one saying ,"Oh my goodness" and another writing, "So so happy for you guys". 

One even joked, "Thought I'd woken up on April 1st for a second there."

One fan on Twitter was so happy he said, "Oh my actual god!!! Crack open the fizz. This is the happiest day ever!! The mourning is over. It’s coming baaaaaaaack!!!!!!! Yessssssssss".

In the last few episodes of Neighbours we saw Kylie Minouge and Jason Donavon reunite - which really bought back 90s TV vibes - while they also had guest appearances from Guy Pearce and Natalie Imbruglia. 

Kylie played Charlene Mitchell, while Jason portrayed her partner Scott Robinson in the Australian soap, and the duo reunited which fans adored.

Amazon executive Lauren Anderson said about Neighbours moving to Freevee: "Neighbours has captivated its audience for nearly 40 years, building a dedicated and loyal following for the lives and stories of the characters on Ramsay Street."

She went on to say that Amazon will have thousands of old episodes for fans to view, while the new episodes will be aired next year. 

We can't wait to see the families back where they belong!

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