Keira Knightley can’t remember who her Love Actually character ends up with

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  • What?!

    Love Actually is a Christmas classic. Whether you’ve seen it once or a hundred times, absolutely everyone can agree that Emma Thompson‘s character deserves a big hug and Hugh Grant is a terrible dancer.

    Oh, and Keira Knightley’s noughties baker boy hat deserves a special mention, too.

    But while we’ve been watching the film for years and wondering if Andrew Lincoln ever found true love, it turns out that Keira can’t even remember who she ends up with.


    You know the story – it’s Christmas, Juliet (Keira) marries Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor), his best friend Mark (Andrew Lincoln) is secretly in love with Juliet, so he turns up at her door to show her a bunch of signs declaring his undying love.

    Love Actually sequel

    Some fans are rooting for Mark and Juliet, others are convinced that Mark actually deserves a restraining order, but there’s one thing we can all agree on – Juliet and Peter are happily married, and together, and that’s it. End of.

    Except it isn’t quite as clear cut for Keira.

    During an interview with Wired, the actress was asked who her Love Actually character ends up with, but she was a little unsure.

    ‘I don’t remember! Who do I end up with in Love Actually?’ she asked.

    ‘I’m with my husband, aren’t I? Aren’t I with Chiwetel Ejiofor?

    ‘I’ve only seen it once! And it was a really long time ago! Am I [with him]? Yes? So I don’t go off with Andrew Lincoln? No? I’m with Chiwetel Ejiofor!’

    Keira – what? How do you not know how one of the most iconic storylines of the movie unfolds? And she’s only seen it once? How does anyone get through the festive season without catching it on the telly at least once?


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