Broadchurch Final: Who Killed Danny Latimer?

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  • The final of Broadchurch is tonight, but who do you think will be revealed as Danny Latimer's killer?

    Millions of us are expected to tune in for the final episode of Broadchurch tonight, and all we want to know is: ‘who killed Danny Latimer?’

    Let’s review the possible culprits:

     1) Joe Miller (Detective Ellie Miller’s husband) – It’s a popular theory that Susan Wright, played by Pauline Quirke, saw Joe Miller on the beach, not Nige, as the two lanky bald characters look so alike. His son, Tom, has also been acting strangely and seen to wipe material from a mobile phone and a laptop. Is the boy trying to cover up for his father’s crime?

    2) Tom Miller – we first thought the 11-year-old was Danny’s BFF but he’s since let slip that he hated Danny and Paul Coates has revealed that the two boys used to argue in the IT class he taught. He’s also destroyed evidence on his mobile and laptop. A strange child.

    3) Reverend Paul Coates – he has no alibi, has lied about his past and battle with alcohol addiction to the police and was seen touching Tom’s knee (perhaps suspiciously) at Jack’s funeral? Why?

    4) Nige Carter – Susan Wright claims to have seen Nige take Danny’s body from the boat to the beach. He also lied about his movements on the night Danny was killed (what’s the importance of the peasant shooting, by the way? So many questions!) and he threatened to use a crossbow on Wright’s dog. Who does that?

    5) Detective Ellie Miller – does she know more than she’s letting on?

    6) Mark Latimer (Danny’s dad) – he was the first suspect in the case because he lied about his movements on the night of Danny’s death. It turned out he was having an affair with Becca Fisher.

    7) Oliver Stephens – the local journalist is a big character in the story, breaking news on Twitter when he shouldn’t and constantly digging up information that could frame other people. His dad’s boat was also the one involved in Danny’s death.

    8) Steve Connelly – the telephone engineer who claims to be pyschic. He’s been exposed as having convictions for vehicle theft, petty theft and conspiracy to defraud. He seems to have an unhealthy interest in the case and he was the one who first told the police a boat had been used in the crime. Is he a bad egg?

    We’ve all been watching Broadchurch religiously in the Marie Claire office, and here’s a few of our theories:

    Eleanor Young, online deputy editor: ‘It’s got to be Joe Miller. For one thing he’s far too nice, and for another, he’s far too shifty-looking for my liking. He’d know where the boat was kept (important, obvs.) and no one would ever suspect, what with him being a police woman’s husband and all. Perhaps he’s covering up for his son? Sneaking off to the woods to smash his computer up makes me think he has something to do with it, too.’

    Kelly Preedy, picture editor: ‘Tom, Ellie’s son. It was an accident. The dads all know and have covered it up to protect him. It’s my favourite thing that’s been on telly for years and years and years. I will be very sad when it’s finished tonight!’

    Fiona Raisbeck, online style writer: ‘I think that Ellie Miller’s husband Joe is going to be revealed as the killer in tonight’s Broadchurch finale. It’s just a hunch, but he hasn’t been the focus of any suspicion so far, as other (red herring) characters have been. But I do believe that there will be more people involved and it won’t be a lone killer. I think Miller’s son Tom is also connected and that the father may have killed Danny to protect him in some way, although as yet, I’m not exactly sure why. Can’t wait to find out and see if I’m right.’

    Suzannah Ramsdale, online news editor: ‘All along I’ve thought it was Joe Miller. He was just too nice, almost a door mat for Ellie Miller. But now I’m thinking there’s going to be a far bigger twist. I’m going out on a limb and suggesting Beth Latimer, Danny’s mum. I don’t have kids but I think she’s been acting a bit shady throughout the series, and not really how you’d imagine a grieving mother to behave. And who is her unborn baby’s father? Is it her husband’s? Or was she up to something? I can’t wait to find out!’

    Who do you think the Broadchurch killer is? Let us know in the comment box below.

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