Why did Tom Hiddleston upload a video of himself crying to Twitter?

Who hurt our sweet summer child?

tom hiddleston's twitter video

Who hurt our sweet summer child?

If Tom Hiddleston is the James Bond of your heart and you can’t wait till his standalone Loki TV series next year, have we got news for you. The Avengers actor puzzled fans when he posted a very bizarre video to Twitter, without any explanation. The mesmerising clip, which showed Tom Hiddleston walking through a graffiti-covered tunnel towards the camera, instantly caught the internet’s attention as he flexed his acting chops and teared up on cue.

After a solitary tear slips down Hiddleston’s face and he lowers his head, the word ‘betrayal’ in gigantic capital letters appears onscreen. Given that the actor’s nothing short of a precious buttercup and needs to be protected, people instantly started to rage and speculate over what exactly had made Tom Hiddleston cry - and what the betrayal refers to.

The mystery plagued the internet for a good few hours with people wondering what the secret behind the video was. Some pointed out that this was a pretty big deal, given that it was Hiddleston’s second tweet of the entire year (and we’re in November!). However, other savvy fans with a knowledge of theatre instantly honed in on one major hint: the word ‘betrayal’ at the end.

A couple of fans in the comments shared a photograph of what appears to be a recent leaflet from the recent gala at the Harold Pinter theatre. The gala was a celebration of the acclaimed playwright Harold Pinter’s birthday and featured a few big names stepping up to the plate to perform iconic scenes, including a scene from Pinter’s drama Betrayal. It turns out that Hiddleston actually starred as one of the play’s protagonists Robert alongside Zawe Ashton who took on the role of Emma.

Even though he and Ashton only performed a bit of the play, the video was a major hint that there could be a longer version of Betrayal to come. And lo and behold, The Guardian revealed this morning that Tom Hiddleston would be starring in a production of the play early next year at the National Theatre.

It’s going to be directed by Jamie Lloyd, who is currently rounding off a mammoth Pinter marathon at the Harold Pinter theatre. Set to run between March and June, the play centres on the infidelity that ties two couples together and it’s regarded as one of Pinter’s best works.

Hiddleston told The Guardian, ‘Betrayal is a masterpiece. Jamie Lloyd’s Pinter at the Pinter season is terrific and I am so pleased that he’s asked me to be part of it.’

You can bet we’re going to book tickets as soon as they go live. Fingers crossed we snag some, we have a feeling they’re going to go quick...

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