Who to follow on Snapchat: Your ultimate guide

Thought it was just for the kids? Think again. From Jennifer Lopez to Alexa Chung, there's a whole host of celebrities signed up to Snapchat - and you need to get on board


Thought it was just for the kids? Think again. From Jennifer Lopez to Alexa Chung, there's a whole host of celebrities signed up to Snapchat - and you need to get on board

Launched way back in 2013, you may have initially dismissed Snapchat as just-another-way-to-send-selfies, but it's so much more than that. If you're yet to be initiated, we've got you covered.

WHAT IS IT? It's an app. A super private way to send photos. Sure, you can send a picture (or video) to everybody who asks to follow you, but you can also just send one to your three closest mates. And if anybody tries to screengrab it, you'll get a notification to tell you - otherwise it's just a temporary image floating around cyberspace.

It's only really been making waves in the social media sphere for the last year or so, when A-listers realised that it could be a means of communicating with their fans - without the relentless abuse that comes with your very own Twitter account. Oh, and the filters are way more flattering than anything you'll ever find on Instagram.

WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? Well, it's easier than Whatsapp, because you can send one picture to hundreds of thousands of people in one go - and you don't have to edit it in a different programme if you want to caption it, which makes it super easy. Plus, there's a front-facing camera flash, even if your smartphone doesn't come with one built in. But making yourself look pretty in the night time is one thing - the main thing that makes Snapchat more relevant than ever is the way in which it's transforming the news industry.

HOLD ON, SELFIES AND NEWS? Yep, selfies and news. Bloggers and entertainment brands such as MTV and HBO's GIRLS are already on Snapchat, and send out video bulletins and news updates whenever a relevant story breaks. You'll get a little notification, and then you can watch it whenever you're free that day - or the next day, or the next.

This makes it way more useful than Twitter, where you risk following 2,000 people and never seeing any of the most important messages, because everybody is just shouting into a great big technological abyss.

GOT IT. SO WHO SHOULD I FOLLOW? Who shouldn't you follow, more like. Finally, celebrities over the age of 14 are joining Snapchat on an almost daily basis. From Madonna (always one to get down with the kids) to Blake Lively, Alexa Chung and Jennifer Lopez, the average age of the Snapchatter is gradually creeping up - and it's becoming all the more interesting as a result.

Sure, this probably means that something cooler is being used by the aforementioned 14 year olds, but we're too busy dying our grey hairs and applying our 17th layer of anti-ageing cream to care about that.


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