Snapchat has rolled out two new features, including a massive group video call

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  • Cue the most chaotic catch-ups ever.

    Snapchat has been having a rough go of it recently, what with their stock price dropping through the floor and some of their biggest users like Kylie Jenner publicly complaining about the app. (Let’s not even touch that horrific Rihanna Snapchat advertisement, we still don’t know what they were thinking.) Well, there’s a lighter bit of news about the platform that might rekindle your love for it – they’re rolling out two Snapchat updates this week and they’re pretty exciting. Check them out below.

    Snapchat Group Video Call

    Got a big crew? Well, you can all jump in on the gossip session now as Snapchat’s rolling out a new group video call feature. Up to sixteen people can now join a group video call and yes, you can still use your lenses if you want to become a herd of magical rainbow-vomiting unicorns.

    Sixteen still not enough for you? Turn off the camera and opt for their voice call feature, which will allow you to talk to 31 people all at once. Good luck trying to navigate that conversation.

    Snapchat Mentions

    Snapchat updates


    While Instagram, Twitter and basically every other social media app under the sun has already rolled this feature out, you’ll finally be able to tag other users in your Snapchat stories. Their new Mentions feature is pretty easy to use, simply type in @ followed by your friend’s username and you’re off to the races.

    As with platforms like Instagram, whoever’s been tagged will get a notification and your followers can also easily check out your buddy’s profile with a simple swipe up.

    Ever since Snapchat updated their app, they’ve been met with widespread criticism – something that’s pretty much inevitable whenever a social media platform makes major changes. However, it remains to be seen if these new features are going to make a difference. Are you still on Snapchat?

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