Snapchat is getting rid of this feature, and it'll make your day

This will completely change your Snapchat game...

Snapchat updates
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No more accidental Snapchat stalking

We love a Snapchat story – but arguably one of the most irritating features is that once you've finished one, Snapchat automatically skips to the next story. So, you know, if you've got your ex on Snapchat and you really DO NOT want them thinking you're stalking them, Snapchat sometimes skips to their story leaving you completely powerless over avoiding their updates.

Silly Snapchat.

Well, no more: The company has announced that it'll be getting rid of this feature in the app's next update, saying that they now realise its users want to be able to pick which stories they watch, rather having everybody's on autoplay. What's more, they're introducing an exciting new feature that'll totally change up your story-watching game.

'Story Playlist' will allow users to pick the stories they want to see in the order they want to watch them. Simply tap your friends' thumbnails in the order you want to watch the stories to add them to your playlist, and you're good to go. Much better.

No more watching stories by people that bore the living daylights out of you...

On 26th September, we wrote...

We thought sunglasses that could film things were the type of invention that we’d only see in Bond films. Until we saw Snapchat’s latest invention, that is.

Designed with a built-in video camera, ‘Spectacles’ are sunglasses created by Snapchat which let you capture moments as you see them.

Each pair can capture up to 30 seconds of video in 10 second increments, which is then sent to your Snapchat app on your phone via wifi or Bluetooth.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel told the Wall Street Journal that he tested a prototype pair of Spectacles last year while he was on holiday with his fiancée, Miranda Kerr: ‘It was our first vacation, and we went to Big Sur for a day or two. We were walking through the woods, stepping over logs, looking up at the beautiful trees. And when I got the footage back and watched it, I could see my own memory, through my own eyes — it was unbelievable […] It was the closest I’d ever come to feeling like I was there again.’

Set to go on sale for $130 (around £100) later this year, we can’t work out whether they’re super cool or a bit creepy. What do you think?

On 10th August we wrote...

If you thought Snapchat couldn't get any better, they've just proved you wrong - we could be seeing television on Snapchat very soon.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Snapchat has just signed a deal with NBCUniversal to bring you some of the latter's most popular channels to your phone screen. It'll be new and exclusive content that has been created purely for the app, and that will supplement existing TV shows. Pretty exciting, right?

The new update will begin with The Voice on Snapchat, whereby users can submit their own performances to be judged by The Voice coaches, and in September, E! News will launch The Rundown, a weekly pop culture series exclusive to Snapchat.

We're really looking forward to seeing this one land on our phone screens.

On 7th July, we wrote...

Have you ever regretted not saving a seriously good Snapchat story? Well, now you won’t have to: Enter ‘Memories’, the app’s latest update which will make it SO much easier to save your Snaps and Stories. We previously reported that apparently Snapchat makes us happier than Facebook, and this update is only going to increase our snapping obsession.

Once this new update has landed, you’ll be able to swipe up from the camera and see said Memories displayed in all their glory for you to scroll through.

Not only will you be able to search through all of your old Stories using keywords or the month you took them in, but when you revisit a location, Memories will even show you past Snaps you took nearby.

You’ll be able to resend any of your old snaps to your friends, or repost them to your Story. What’s more, you’ll even be able to combine different past Stories into one epically long Snapchat Story. When you do repost a picture, it’ll appear with a nice little frame around it so that all your friends know it’s a past Snap - cute. We bet the celebrities will love these new features - check out our ultimate guide for who to follow on Snapchat.

But what about if you’ve got some Snaps that you’d really rather everyone DIDN’T see? Don’t panic, Snapchat have that covered as well. There will be a folder called ‘My Eyes Only’ so that you can hide any embarrassing pics and avoid any awkward viewings (phew).

So when exactly can we expect to see this shiny new update, we hear you ask?

‘We’ll be rolling out Memories selectively over the next month or so - it’s a big change for our service so we want to make sure everything is running smoothly!’ said a statement on the Snapchat team’s blog. ’You’ll receive a Chat from Team Snapchat when Memories is ready for you to use. Happy Snapping!’


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