Everything you know about Uber is about to change

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  • It's a whole new era of Uber

    If you don’t know what Uber is then you’ve either never missed the last tube home or you’re about to discover their £15 off introductory offer and be very excited. But chances are, you’ve used the app. In the couple of years that Uber has unrolled across the UK it’s become a staple of a night out and been incredibly popular for being cheaper than traditional cabs (though still a lot spennier than the bus). But now, everything is about to change.

    Late night chats with your driver? Phoning the driver to find out where they are? Having a row over the route they chose? All a thing of the past. Because Uber is bringing out driverless cars.

    Obviously we are now living in the space age, and flying cars/teleporting are only around the corner. Driverless cars, people. As in, cars that drive around without any human person in the front seat. We don’t know how to process this information.

    To start with they’re being launched in Pittsburgh, so unless you’re on holiday in the USA you’re unlikely to end up in a robotic super car but if it’s a success it’s safe to assume that the operation will be coming over here. If you’re feeling nervous about the prospect of a car that drives itself, you can at least take comfort that at the moment there will be a supervising human driver sitting up front and making sure things don’t go wrong. But if that goes off without a hitch? THE FUTURE IS HERE.

    It’s not totally new technology: long distance truck drivers have had the option for cruise control for a while (which will keep the truck doing exactly what it’s doing) but this is a big step up from there, with the car being able to contend with traffic, directions and speed changes.

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