17 of the best celebrity photobombs of all time

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  • Celebs, they're just like us. They like to ruin each other's photos too.

    Celebs, they’re just like us. Apart from the gabillion pound salaries, stylists, perfect bodies, perfect skin, international travel and teams of people do do everything for them. So, okay, they’re not really like us at all. But one of the few things we do have in common with these stars, is that famous or otherwise, it’s really fun to upstage someone else’s photo. If you’ve ever looked back through photos from a night out and realised there’s someone behind you pulling focus, then you’re in very good company.

    For the uninitiated, photobombing is when someone who isn’t supposed to be in your picture, decided that they want to be in your picture. It’s not new, people have definitely been doing it since the camera was invented, but recently, the celeb set have embraced it in a big way.

    It’s all the range on the red carpet. Even really serious actors like Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman are at it. Even the actual Queen of England has indulged in a little photobombing (though we’re not completely sure she did it on purpose).

    So why has photobombing become all the rage? Our guess is that it’s because celebrities get a bit bored. It might look exciting and glamorous from the outside, but by the time you’ve walked fifteen red carpets in one week, you need something to liven up the process of walking quite slowly and having your picture taken.

    Sometimes it’s a celebrity sneaking into another celebrity’s photo, other times it’s a celebrity popping up in a regular person’s pics, or it might be a regular person sneaking into a picture taken by a famous person. Either way, there’s something universally funny about a photobomb.

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