Taylor Swift gave a hilariously blunt speech at her best friend's wedding

And Instagram stories of the singer roasting the bride went viral...

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And Instagram stories of the singer roasting the bride went viral...

From the Editors at Hello Giggles Words by Madison Vanderberg

Taylor Swift was a bridesmaid at her BFF Abigail Anderson’s wedding this weekend.

The two have been friends since they were teens — in fact, Anderson was the inspiration behind one of Swift’s first songs, Fifteen. Anderson has accompanied Swift to award shows, she’s been in her music videos, and she has attended every one of her 4th of July parties…but we digress.

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Anderson married her love Matt Lucier in Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, and Swift was one of the bridesmaids.

Taylor looked like an Old Hollywood starlet in her gown with the bridesmaid dresses being floor-length burgundy numbers, but when people started knocking drinks back and it was time for speeches, the singer got surprisingly candid.

In a video posted online, Swift can be heard delivering her speech, telling the story of her bestie having bathroom sex with her now-husband. Yes, really.

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Taylor can be seen mic-in-hand strolling the dance floor, completely at ease, telling the audience, 'She’s running after him, there’s falling, there’s stumbling. They make it to the bathroom and I can hear sounds that I can never unhear. And then there’s silence.'

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Clearly the video was taken by a wedding guest, and it's thought to be one of the bridesmaids who posted the clip as an Instagram story and had no idea that the private investigators known as the Swiftiverse would find it.

Fans actually camped out outside the church for a glimpse of Swift at the wedding, but because this wasn’t a concert or a Swift event, we don’t blame Swift for focusing on her best friend’s big day.

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