Beyoncé: 11 Things We’ve Learnt About Her During The Mrs Carter World Tour 2013

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  • As Mrs Carter winds up the 2013 portion of her epic, nine-month world tour, here's what we've learnt about this amazing lady along the way…

    1. She works HARD
    Really hard. Shows, rehearsals, interviews – even her own tumblr account – you name it she’ll be on the case. And don’t think she won’t fly round the world for a red carpet appearance while she’s at it, either. Beyoncé put on more than 100 shows over nine months, and performed for over 300 hours this year. That’s effort.

    2. She makes time for her family
    She may have been getting on with the little job that was her world tour, but Beyoncé still put family first – and made buckets of time for adorable daughter Blue Ivy and hubby Jay Z.

    3. She isn’t afraid to take a break
    Nine months is a long haul. Despite selling millions of pounds worth of tickets, this shrewd star wasn’t afraid to schedule in a little me-time. Bey carefully planned herself several sunshine breaks for some well-earned R&R. Good for her…

    4. She changes it up
    Bey’s definitely not worried about messing with her image. When half-way through her worldwide stint she fancied going for the chop, the songstress whipped her locks right off, earning beauty props from fans when she emerged with a short new ‘do. Beyoncé also changed her costumes and her dance routines during the tour – meaning audiences during the second half of the year got to watch something new.

    5. This lady can REALLY sing
    That voice is, quite simply, amazing. We are in awe.

    6. She has vision
    Beyoncé produced, directed and narrated a series of sizzling videos that set the tone and provided the backdrop for her Mrs Carter performances. She was even responsible for the trailer, too. Wow.

    7. She’s a trooper
    Believe it or not, Beyoncé only cancelled one concert (Belgium) in her whole nine-month run, and even then, it was strictly on doctors’ orders, and she was reported to be devastated. Definitely not a pampered star…

    8. She surrounds herself with amazing people
    We get the feeling Beyoncé’s road crew is like one big, happy (very famous) family. From her backing singers to her dancers and amazing French dance duo Les Twins, they feature on her blog, in her films, and she regularly treats them to a whopping order from Nandos. What a star.

    9. She doesn’t need gimmicks
    Some really cool dancers and a quick whiz round the stadium on a zip wire was all this lady needed – there were no dramatic stage props, fireworks or accessories here. That voice does ALL the talking…

    10. She’s a true professional
    Bey certainly knows the show must go on. When he hair got caught in a fan during a performance in Montreal, she calmly soldiered on, and continued singing as dancers freed her long locks. Even walking through a sea of excited fans (she actually sung while walking through the crowd during a gig in Serbia) the songstress manages to keep her cool. Truly amazing.

    11. She knows how to have fun
    When her working day is over, Beyoncé certainly knows how to have a good time – cue pictures of her bungee jumping, hitting roller coasters and out seeing the sights as she travelled around the world. We couldn’t be more jealous…

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