5 Reasons Why Chloe Howl Is A Very Cool Addition To The Music Industry

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  • Meet the straight-talking singer-songwriter who's about to shake up the charts...

    1. The girl’s got balls.

    ‘My sound is more ballsy than bubblegum pop,’ she says. ‘I love satisfying, left-field lyrics that tell stories I’ve been a part of – the verses of my single Rumour are literally all rumours that I heard while I was at school.’

    2. But she’s not trying to be the next Lily Allen.

    ‘I think people just say it because we both sing in a London accent – I used to get teased when I tried to do an American voice. Lily wasn’t really an influence on me, I looked to people like Amy Winehouse for the frankness and honesty in her lyrics and grew up listening to the Cure.’

    3. Although she does have a lot to say.

    ‘It annoys me when some female pop stars suddenly decide they want to be mega sluts after spending years trying to appeal to young girls – behaving primly and pretending they don’t drink. If you’re going to be in the public eye you should decide what kind of figure you want to be early on and stick with it. I don’t sugar-coat anything in my music – I’m not pretending that people my age behave themselves.’

    4. She has the BEST hair.

    ‘I got my hair cut short when I was 14 because all of my friends were wearing clip-on extensions, so I thought I’d rebel. I always perform in the same pair of Dr Martens boots. They’re my good luck charm and it’s got to the point where I’m now terrified of wearing any other shoes because I think I’ll fall over. I want to feel comfortable – I don’t think I need to have my boobs out.’

    5. She’s mates with her rivals.

    ‘Everybody wants it to be competitive between Ella Eyre, Sam Smith and I, but in reality we’re just huge fans of each other’s music. We’re friends too – Sam’s a total cocktail guy and a few weeks after the Brits the three of us went out and drank Old-Fashioneds together.’

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