This cow was saved from the slaughterhouse because it looks like a celebrity

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  • Silly season has officially begun...

    A calf born in Texas last week won’t face the slaughterhouse because it looks exactly like Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS.

    Genie the calf, born last Friday on a ranch in Kerrville TX, has become an Internet sensation thanks to her black-and-white facial markings, which are uncannily similar to the face paint worn by the KISS frontman.

    Much like Gene Simmons, Genie also likes to stick her tongue out:

    A picture of the calf was originally shared by Heather Taccetta, who lives at the ranch with her family, via the Hill County Visitor Facebook page.

    Simmons himself appears delighted about the calf that stole his look, enthusiastically tweeting ‘this is real, folks!’ and sharing a link to the story.

    It’s good news for the calf too. Thanks to her newfound fame, Taccetta has promised she won’t be eaten.

    ‘Now obviously, we can’t serve this fine specimen’ she wrote, ‘we may just keep Genie, as we call her, as a mascot for the Steakhouse.’

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