7 Cats Who Have More Followers Than You On Instagram

One has eyebrows, one looks like an owl and one could get work as a celebrity lookalike - who knew cats could be so incredibly entertaining. And thanks to National Pet Month, we're now all about animal appreciation, so meet the Insty-loving moggys who are SO much more popular than you (sorry).

Name: Richard
Instagram: richard_kitty

Followers: 102,899
If Kate Bosworth was a male cat, she’d be the spitting image of Richard. Seriously. They both have the totally cool eye-colour combination of icy blue and honey brown, plus a joint talent for pouting and posing like pros. Can someone sort out a photoshoot for these two, already?

Name: Monster
Instagram: princessmonstertruck
Followers: 61,460
Pawing the streets of New York, Monster is a cool rescue cat with a Big Apple attitude that’s all teeth and no bite, according to her owner. We’re not sure if it’s the overbite or the fact those yellow eyes are a bit squishy, but this black moggy’s attempt at working the camera is so darn adorable we can hardly bare it.
Name: Snoopy
Instagram: snoopybabe
Followers: 239,170
Is anyone else not sure whether to laugh or melt? Good, it’s not just us then. Snoopy is about the weirdest mix of a cat, furby, owl, puppy and teddybear we’ve ever seen (because we’ve seen loads of them) and we literally can’t get anything done with him around. It’s those killer, killer eyes…
Name: Grumpy Cat
Instagram: realgrumpycat
Followers: 173,172
Grumpy Cat, aka Tardar Sauce, first hit the big time back in 2012 when owner Tabatha posted a mugshot of this feline’s fiercely miserable frown. What happened? Grumps went viral. And now we take time out to look at her every day because no matter how horrendous we feel, she always looks more miserable.
Name: Nala
Instagram: nala_cat
Followers: 1,144,450
Gazing up from behind cat shelter bars two and a half years ago, a super-cute Nala broke the heart of her now-owner who adopted her, nursed her, then made the wide-eyed tabby cat the most popular kitty on Instagram. She now boasts well over a million followers – that’s almost as many as Harry Styles…
Name: Lil Bub
Followers: 381,681
Miley Cyrus has been stealing tongue-wagging tricks from Lil Bub, who finds it impossible to pop her pink kitty-licker inside her tiny mouth. She also has human eyes. And a career as a cat actress in the movie business. If that’s not enough to make you follow her, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror.
Name: Sam
Followers: 124,677
Sam the cat has eyebrows. REAL eyebrows. Not drawn-on-with-mascara joke brows but honest-black-fur brows that make him look terribly concerned at all times. We can’t get enough of his perfectly placed markings thanks to his legendary Insty account. Beware though, once you start looking you won’t be able to stop. Must. See. More. Cat. Brows.
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