Meet The World’s Most Fashionable Pets

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  • To celebrate National Pet Month we've been examining who the world’s most glamorous individuals have at the end of their lead or slinking in through their cat-flap. This is Fido and Moggy but not as you know them… meet the world’s most stylish furry friends.

    Choupette Lagerfeld

    ‘I am Choupette Lagerfeld, and I am a spoiled pussy,’ is how this fluffball’s Twitter bio reads. Karl Lagerfeld’s two-year-old Siamese has two nannies, an iPad and a cult following on her Instagram account. We think this kitty has big plans. ‘Soon people will talk more about Choupette than about me!’ says Lagerfeld. So smitten is Karl that he recently revealed that he’d marry her if he could. ‘There is no marriage, yet, for human beings and animals… I never thought that I would fall in love like this with a cat.’ Imagine. Her. Wardrobe. Sign a pre-nup Karl, we think this kitty may have manicured claws.

    Barnaby Beckham

    VB introduced her latest pooch via Twitter last year: ‘My name is Barnaby, and I’m a new member of the Victoria Beckham e-commerce team!’ Vic’s new little Shar-pei is a particular shade of smoky brown that’s not unlike her fashion brand’s signature hue (how convenient). Granted the doggy is harboring a few more wrinkles than VB, but he’s tiny and doe-eyed just like his mum. We’ve no doubt you’ll be seeing ruffles in VB’s SS15 show – watch this space.

    Peggy Holland

    Henry’s puppy French Bulldog Terrier is called Peggy. Little Miss Peggy to you. This little pooch was a Christmas present and can now be found cruising about London in a selection of Henry’s manbags. Peggy, much like her owner, is relaxed and cheeky. Apparently this mut also loves causing ‘mischief in the office’, is already a street-style favourite, and Peggy’s erect little ears look curiously like a quiff from afar… acorn, tree, anyone?

    Lupo Cavalli

    These days Roberto is never seen without his beloved three-year-old German shepherd Lupo. Cavalli also owns a cat, an iguana, a parrot, a collection of parakeets, a blackbird and two tanks of tropical fish. We think we may be getting to the bottom of the animal print thing. Roberto has designed several designer pet collections – a cult classic from his last offering (or so we hear) is the white puffa jacket. We can totally see Lupo rocking it – so 1998, so NOW. If Lupo were a person, Cavalli says, he ‘would be Roberto Cavalli’. Go figure.

    Maude Valentino

    Molly, Monty, Margot, Maude and Maggie. Much like Valentino’s clientele, this little pack of fash hounds live the high life on the Med. High maintenance doesn’t cover it; three cars are required to move this little troop. When Valentino eats out, his pugs join him. Ditto when he hops on his private jet or yacht, visits his château in France, or heads to the showroom. Ever since starring in the biopic Valentino: The Last Emperor they’ve inspired their own spoof Twitter feeds. However, Valentino’s anointed muse, Maude, always travels with him. Maude’s steely character and undeniable style (you can find pictures of this gal wearing diamond drop earrings the size of your palm) mean this pup is every bit as driven and fabulous as her owner. Respect where respect is due, Maude.

    Gaspar Herrera

    This fuzzy wonder was the muse for Caroline Herrera’s designer handbag collection, otherwise known as the Carolina Herrera X Gaspar collection at Marie Claire HQ. Like his mother, Gaspar has nailed understated trans-Atlantic chic and has fabulously voluminous hair. His red leather C-H collar perfectly offsets Carolina’s crisp white shirts. You might find Gaspar flicking through some Sartre resting on his canopy bed in the CH office, or supporting mummy dearest at a charity event.

    Neville Jacobs

    Neville Jacobs, Marc Jacobs’s bull terrier, is the fashion industry’s most rakish cad. On Instagram you’ll find him kidnapping supermodel Cara Delevingne and kissing Christy Turlington. Ok, so maybe Dad isn’t such a ladykiller but there’s no doubting where Neville gets his charm from. Neville is also as tenacious and determined as Marc; he once guest-edited Love magazine’s website, and, you can find him helping his dad sew clothes, and starring in photoshoots. Not too shabby for a dog, huh?

    Audrey Versace

    Meet Donatella’s right-hand woman, Jack Russell Audrey. She might be named after Hepburn, but Audrey’s style is a little more Versace than Breakfast At Tiffany’s: you’ll find her blinged-out and gemmed-up at most of the time. Donatella has revealed that Audrey is ‘totally demanding – more than I am.’ We can’t even comprehend what that means, but we know that this lady has special oil rubbed into her skin each morning to keep her hair gleaming. We bow-wow down.

    Angel Armani

    Ok, so Choupette’s been grabbing the headlines, but there’s a wiser, more experienced cat on the block. Introducing Angel (he’s, ummm, a boy), Giorgio’s feline friend of nine years. Angel’s silver-grey fur is so Armani Prive ’09 it’s untrue. According to the designer, Angel is the perfect gentleman; reserved and independent – we suspect he may have learnt these manners from his Dad.

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