Vanessa Hudgens has called out paparazzi over the intrusive photographs of her leaving hospital post-birth

Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker attend the 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards
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Vanessa Hudgens has confirmed the birth of her first child with husband Cole Tucker.

The couple confirmed the news that they were expecting at the 2024 Oscars in March, when Hudgens who was co-hosting the red carpet, revealed her growing baby bump in a skin-tight black Vera Wang couture gown.

Hudgens and Tucker have not revealed any further information on the birth of their firstborn at this point, but the 35-year-old actress has spoken out since her birth to call out paparazzi for their intrusion.

A series of photographs were taken by paparazzi of Hudgens leaving the hospital with her newborn baby, and according to reports, they were published online without her consent.

This is something Hudgens addressed in an Instagram Stories post, voicing her disappointment at the disrespect shown to her family.

“We’re disappointed that our family’s privacy was disrespected and exploited during this very special time due to the greed of a long-lens camera feeding the media," her statement read.

She continued: “Despite all of that, mom, dad, and baby are happy and healthy.”

Hudgens and Tucker met in October 2020 during a meditation group call hosted by Jay Shetty.

"I was literally on the Zoom with my girlfriend, and I started hitting her asking who he was, and she had never seen him before," Hudgens explained in an interview with Vogue. "So I proceeded to look on the Zoom square to find out his name and found him on Instagram - and he sent a DM the next day."

This Hudgens has suggested she manifested, telling last year that she "had a list" of the qualities she was looking for in a life partner.

“You have to figure out what you don’t want in order to know what you need,” she explained, going on to recall the qualities on her list. “Someone who can celebrate themselves so that they can celebrate me. Someone who has an innately positive outlook on life, because I do. Someone who works to live, not lives to work. [And] someone goofy."

After one weekend with Tucker, Hudgens recalled that she knew she had found her partner, recalling: “I was like, you literally check all of my boxes."

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