Why Netflix star Francesca Farago is causing TikTok chaos with her baby name ideas

These names are...too hot to handle

Francesca Farago attends Variety Women of Reality Presented by DirectTV at Spago on November 29, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California.
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Francesca Farago is causing chaos on TikTok over the baby names she and fiancé Jesse Sullivan have considered for their first children together. The Netflix star - known for her appearances on Too Hot to Handle and Perfect Match - posted a TikTok video earlier this month which has 1.5 million likes at time of writing.

In it, she shared some of the names she's loving but isn't planning on using for her twin babies — which include suggestions such as 'Lyrics' and 'Afternoon' (which she stated she would shorten to 'After' as a nickname). Explaining her feelings on the name 'Baby,' she said: "I've always really liked the name Baby. I feel like a baby named Baby Blue would be so cute, but I don't think a baby growing up — like, I think Baby is cute for a baby, but I don't think it's cute for, like, an adult, so I feel like that's kind of off the list, but I still really love the name Baby."

Among many others, she also said that she loves Goldie, Sunday, or Monday, but that these are too common. Francesca announced she and Jesse were expecting in late March, and shared that they are expecting twins shortly afterwards. Jesse already has a teenager named Arlo from a previous relationship, per People.


I forgot so many of my faves, lmk if I should do a part two🤭

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People were rather surprised by Francesca's name choices and the comment section has since descended into chaos. While some have found the baby name ideas a little too unique, others are finding themselves strangely taken by the suggestions.

One person wrote: "Sunday and Monday is too popular?? Am I living under a rock???"

"BABY ...GOODBYE," said someone else.

Meanwhile, others offered some helpful suggestions - though we have a feeling these weren't quite what the influencer was looking for. Someone chimed in: "How about Etti, full name Spaghetti."

"What about Toe Fungus? (Tofu for short)," added another.

"How about Apple Bottom Jeans," asked someone else.

Even the skincare brand Cetaphil has joined the fun, enquiring whether Francesca would consider naming the baby after them.

Below is a complete list of all the names Francesca mentions in her video for your convenience. You're welcome!

  • Heart or Hart
  • Lovely
  • Golden or Goldie
  • Baby or Baby Blue
  • Lyrics
  • Weekday names, such as Sunday or Monday
  • Month names, such as November or October
  • Rocket or Rocky
  • Stone
  • Afternoon (nickname: After)
  • Prosper
  • Darling
  • Ethereal
  • Caspian
  • Odyssey
  • Alchemy

Fair to say, the internet cannot wait to find out what monikers Francesca and Jesse go for in the end.

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