Top marks to Victoria's Secret for releasing this unretouched photo

Yes, Victoria's Secret models have stretch marks too

Victoria's Secret unretouched photo

Yes, Victoria's Secret models have stretch marks too

Coming across an unretouched Victoria's Secret photo is pretty rare. But that's exactly what happened recently when Victoria's Secret released the final photos from their Fantasy Bra campaign.

In an image taken last Thursday of the $3 million Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Bright Night Fantasy Bra, model Jasmine Tookes (who was this year's chosen Angel to wear the Fantasy Bra) strikes a sultry pose, showing off the incredible 450-carat bra and her enviable body. Stretch marks and all.

Created by jewellery designer Eddie Borgo, the bra was specifically moulded to fit Tookes's body before being covered in gemstones to ensure the perfect fit. And what better way to celebrate a multi-million dollar bra covered in rows of emeralds and studs covered in diamonds, than celebrate a woman's natural body, too?

As is the case every year, the Fantasy Bra and model got their very own photo-shoot to celebrate the unique piece. But, rather than subjecting the image of Jasmine to photoshop (as has been done in the past), Victoria's Secret decided to post the picture as is. Not only that, they also opted out of retouching her birthmarks.


(Image credit: Getty Images)

They're not the first big fashion brand to turn away from Photoshop, either. Earlier this year, American Eagle's spin-off lounge wear line, Aerie, launched their #AerieReal campaign, featuring 'real' women, 'real' bodies and no Photoshopping. And late December last year, Target launched their body-positive swimwear campaign featuring 'real' women too.

Although this is a first for Victoria's Secret, it could spell the way of the future. Especially given the positive feedback they've had since releasing the photos.

This year also marks the first time in nine years that a woman of colour has been chosen to wear the Fantasy Bra - one of the biggest honours a Victoria's Secret model can achieve in her career. Congratulations, Jasmine! We can't wait to see you own the catwalk in your $3 million bra...

Natalie Lukaitis