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The best spot treatments to zap a painful pimple into oblivion

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  • Consider these your go-to products for getting an angry spot under control

    Why is it that giant, painful spot always appears just before a really important event? This unfortunate turn of fate is exactly why you need the best spot treatments to hand: to get rid of ’em. Fast.

    The best spot gels usually contain a concoction of anti-inflammatory and bacteria-reducing ingredients, like salicylic acid and niacinamide, to help reduce the painful swelling and spot-causing substances. Salicylic acid in particular can get deep into your pores to help decongest them, speeding up the spot shrinking process.

    We should stress the below are specifically designed to be applied only to the odd angry pimple rather than as an all-over treatment for acne flare-ups. If the latter applies to you, whether you’re suffering from teenage acne or adult acne, we feel your pain, but you’re better checking out our guide to the best acne treatments.

    If, however, you’re looking to take down the mother of all pimples and Sudocrem isn’t doing it for you, keep reading to find the best spot treatment you can buy. And when you’re done here, be sure to read How to Pop a Pimple by Dr Pimple Popper.

    The best spot treatments: Hormonal spots

    Ever wondered why get that one spot always appears in the same place around the time of your period? Changes in your hormone levels can cause the skin’s sebaceous glands to over-produce oil, which in turn can bind with dead skin cells and clog your pores and result in a spot or spots. Hence that monthly visitor on your chin, forehead or nose.

    While a lot of the best spot treatments can be stashed in your handbag for on-the-go application, some formulas work to form a protective, invisible barrier over the spot to treat it all day long. The best bit? Make-up can be applied over the top to disguise any angry blemishes, if they’re making you feel self-conscious.

    Arm yourself with one of the best spot treatments by shopping our top picks below, and rest assured that any flare-ups won’t bother you for long.

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