5 acne patches that get rid of spots overnight

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  • It's the fastest acne treatment you'll ever use

    First we had pore-clearing nose strips now acne patches are stopping breakouts in their tracks.

    Why do we get spots in winter?

    Acne is an unwelcome visitor at this time of year.

    ‘A lack of humidity in the winter air plus drinking more alcohol (a diuretic) and indulging in sugary treats in the lead up to party season can cause dehydration and an excess of insulin,’ says facialist Sarah Chapman. ‘This is the perfect storm for stimulating sebum production, which leads to blocked pores and spots.’

    Another cause of acne is lack of sleep as stress causes the hormone cortisol to produce more oil in the skin and hinder the healing process.

    That’s where acne patches, also known as pimple patches, step in and stage an intervention.

    What are acne patches?

    Remember those plasters your dad would pop on his chin when he nicked himself shaving? Acne patches are not dissimilar to those.

    You whack the small, circular sticker on a spot after cleansing; leave it to work its magic overnight then simply peel it off the next morning to reveal flattened, redness-free skin where your spot once was.

    The majority of acne patches are made of hydrocolloid, which is used in topical wound treatments.

    ‘Hydrocolloid patches are hygienic – they stick to your skin and create a shield from other irritants like daily dirt and pollution,’ explains Chapman. ‘Used on spots, they also calm redness and irritation, encouraging the skin to heal.’

    Many acne patches also contain salicylic acid, which is known to be a formidable enemy for acne, explains skincare expert Teresa Tarmey: ‘Salicylic acid is lipophilic, meaning it can penetrate oily skin and works inside the pore to unclog it and regulate sebum secretion.’

    Another bonus: acne patches stop you from picking or popping your spots so there’s less chance of inflammation or being left with scars.

    Here’s our pick of the best acne patches to ensure you sail through winter without a hitch…

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