The best pregnancy beauty products Meghan Markle would approve of

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    Pregnancy can be really tough on the body. Not only are you constantly exhausted and moments away from being sick, but your temperature is all over the place, you get more spots that normal, your legs and feet swell and that’s before we even get to the stretch marks. Your homones are all over the place and it’s your body that takes the brunt of it. Plus it isn’t just when you’re pregnant, the actual birth itself is one heck of thing and your body needs time and some TLC whilst it recuperates.

    What you need is an arsenal of pregnancy beauty products that will help alleviate some of these symptoms and make your pregnancy journey that little bit easier.

    It might look like Meghan Markle is sailing through her pregnancy (not a swollen ankle in sight), but she’s no stranger to investing in a good pregnancy beauty product to help take care of her skin during her pregnancy. In fact, she’s always been quite open about her favourite beauty products.

    pregnancy beauty products

    Meghan Markle Pregnancy Beauty Products

    It’s been reported that both Kate Middleton, and now Meghan Markle, used Beuti Skincare’s Sleep Elixir during both of their pregnancies. The Elixir is made up of 14 plant-based oils, which have huge anti-inflammatory properties. After a couple of days notice, you’ll notice the change in your skin; your complexion will appear more even and glowy. Which when you’re tired and feeling a bit out of sorts is just what the doctor ordered. According to the founder of Beuti Skincare, the palace recieve regular supplies of the Sleep Elixir.

    Beuti Skincare Sleep Elixir, £47

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    Meghan has also waxed lyrical about her love of Nivea’s Q10 Firming Lotion. She told Beauty Banter: ‘It’s honestly my favourite lotion on the market, it’s so affordable, and makes my skin look and feel amazing. I would buy a case of this at a time if I could find it,’ she added. The brand have now developed a Q10 Firming body oil that also targets stretch marks, so we reckon she might have given it a bash.

    Nivea Q10 Body Oil Firming + Stretch Marks, £5.59 Boots

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    Keep scrolling through for more pregnancy beauty products that you can use during pregnancy and then once your little one arrives.

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