Margot Robbie loves this foundation for natural-looking coverage—and it's probably the best I've ever used

Turns out, Margot and I have something in common

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When it comes to the best foundation, I’m an affordable formula girlie, through and through. My go-to foundation growing up was Bourjois’ Serum Foundation (RIP), and nowadays I gravitate towards brands like e.l.f, Saie and L'Oréal Paris. I haven’t met a foundation over £40 that has *really* tempted me in a while.

But I have to say, when I tried Suqqu’s The Foundation—sitting pretty at £75—I was well and truly converted to the luxury foundation sphere. I must be honest, I mainly knew of this reputable brand for their incredibly soft and high-quality brushes, but having now tried a number of the brand’s make-up products, I’m even more impressed. 

And I’m not the only one—alongside picks from Augustinus Bader and Aesop, The Foundation from Suqqu sits firmly among Margot Robbie’s favourite beauty products. In fact, it’s reported to be her go-to full-coverage foundation for events thanks to its skin-like finish and impressive longevity. And Robbie isn’t the only famous fan of this formula, with Holly Willoughby, Miranda Kerr and Rita Ora also raving about The Foundation, it’s a firm celebrity favourite.

I needed no further persuasion to try it out for myself, but my skin is by no means easy to satisfy when it comes to new foundation formulas. My skin is on the oily side but can look quite dry in certain areas, like under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose. It’s also acne-prone and sensitive to boot. Even among the priciest of options, I find it hard to get a foundation to give me a natural-looking finish with the longevity I require. 

So how did Suqqu’s The Foundation get on with my tricky skin type? Read on for my thorough review.

My review of Suqqu The Foundation

At £75, it’s probably the priciest foundation I’ve tried, but when you take a closer look at the carefully thought-out formula and ingredients used, the reason behind its price tag becomes clear. 

According to Suqqu, the foundation is “rich, but never cakey, and glides effortlessly onto the skin, leaving it with a long-lasting and radiant finish that works with your natural oils over time.”  

I can confirm, alongside Margot Robbie, that this foundation really does provide impressive coverage without looking at all cakey. It didn’t cling to or emphasise my dry patches—in fact, it smoothed over texture like no other foundation I’ve tried. It’s hydrating enough to leave a smooth, glowy finish without looking greasy, and, most impressively, it doesn’t budge all day despite its radiant finish. 

Suqqu, The Foundation

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My only gripe is that the pot packaging makes it a little difficult to travel with. I’m pretty lazy and also lose things in a heartbeat, so I’ve already removed the extra lid and small spatula that came with the foundation. But if you can be bothered to utilise these added extras, they’d make a handy addition to keep the pot packaging and foundation application process more hygienic. Personally, I make sure to apply it with clean fingers.

Once I got over the slightly inconvenient packaging, I found the formula itself to be incredibly quick to use—blending in like a dream and smoothing over any enlarged pores and texture. Adding to this foundation’s benefits is the fact that it’s available in 25 shades and has sun protection factor coverage (which ranges from SPF25-30 depending on shade).

I’ve really struggled with finding a foundation that doesn’t look cakey, heavy or emphasise my dry patches but also lasts through a long working day, and this foundation truly is the perfect balance of all.

Yes, it’s spenny, but the size is generous and you only need a small amount to cover your entire face, so the pot will last you a long time. In all, this foundation gets a 10/10 from me. 

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