This beauty blogger used Vagisil as primer and you won't believe the results

Now we've seen it all...

Huda Kattan uses lube and vagisil as primer

Now we've seen it all...

If there's one thing social media has taught us, it's that some of the best hacks don't always include cosmetic products. Take socks to apply your make-up. Or the insane eyebrow hack that involves trimming your hair to fill in sparse areas. So it's actually not that shocking that social media beauty guru, Huda Kattan uses lube and Vagisil as primer in her latest video.

Now, if you're an avid fan of Huda, you'll know that she's famous for trying all sorts of beauty hacks. She was one of the first to put cellotape contouring to the test. And she's certainly not afraid to embrace trends like shaving her face. So a bit of lube and Vagisil on the face is just another day in the office for this beauty vlogger. Question is, are they better than primer? Do they even work? And hang on, Huda Kattan uses lube and Vagisil as primer?

Weird but true - lubricant actually has a lot of similar ingredients to silicone based primers, like glycerine. And believe it or not, Vagisil is touted for its oil control properties. Um, ok then. But primer is known for its ability to help create a flawless base for foundation and keep your makeup from shifting. So, can these products take the place of our favourite primer? Apparently not. *Sigh of relief*

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Lube as primer

When it came to the KY Jelly, Huda said it felt very similar to primer, but once she applied her make-up on top of it, it started to pill and roll off. Which is completely against everything primer stands for.

Laxative as primer

Although this chalky substance felt a little too dry for Huda's skin, she did note that Milk of Magnesia could be a good option for controlling shine in areas like the T-zone and nasolabial folds. In other words, she would use it as a substitute for oily areas.

Vagisil as primer

This one actually ended up being Huda's favorite option. After all, one of the ingredients in Vagisil is dimethicone, which is a silicone-based polymer used for conditioning and protecting the skin. Makes sense to use it as a primer then.

Natalie Lukaitis