I've spent many hours analysing Hailey Bieber's make-up routine—here's the 8 products she uses on repeat

What Hailey does, I follow

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As a beauty editor, I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I'm not a huge follower of make-up trends. If I'm being totally honest, I haven't really changed my make-up routine for years. I like low-maintenance, natural-looking, glowy make-up that takes minimal effort to execute. And that, my fellow beauty-loving friends, is why I'm so invested in every Hailey Bieber make-up routine that comes my way on TikTok.

It's worth me pointing out here that I'm not a traditional TikTok fan. I'm a millennial, for starters, so trying to get me off Instagram and onto another app is difficult enough. On top of that (and most importantly), the main reason I'm still not quite sold on the TikTok hype is because terrible beauty advice is rife on the app. In fact, as soon as I get served a beauty video on my FYP, I scroll straight by. Instead, I rely on my Gen-Z Marie Claire colleagues to fill me in on the latest trending beauty fads. Doing so saves me screen time and unnecessary frustration.

Having said all of this, though, I do still use TikTok. Why? Well, because I like both cute animal videos and Hailey Bieber's make-up very much. And while those things don't relate to one another, they are the two things that feature most prominently on my feed and keep me going back for more.

But cute animals aside, I am infatuated with Hailey Bieber's make-up routines (including her now viral contour hack). And why wouldn't I be? Her glowing, seemingly effortless looks (like the cold-girl make-up look, for example) speak to me not only as a low-maintenance beauty editor but also as a natural-looking make-up lover.


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In fact, I've spent so many hours searching 'Hailey Bieber make-up routine' on TikTok, that I can pretty much reel off every product she's ever used from memory. And if there's one thing I've learned in my Hailey Bieber TikTok studies, it's that she uses a lot of different make-up products. In fact, basically every make-up routine she posts features a new product that requires a whole load of researching on my part.

Having said that, there are a few products that crop up in a number of Hailey Bieber make-up routines—to me, cementing the fact they are her go-to make-up products. 

So, to save you the time, here's the products that feature in nearly every Hailey Bieber make-up routine I've seen on her TikTok (and I'm pretty sure I've seen them all)...

1. Chanel Vitalumière Radiant Moisture-Rich Fluid Foundation

2. Kylie Cosmetics Pink Me Up Lip & Cheek Glow Balm

3. Nars Afterglow Lip Balm in Wicked Ways

4. Kosas Revealer Concealer

5. Hourglass Veil Powder Brush

6. Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VII Divine Rose Eyeshadow Palette

7. Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Contour Duo

8. Dior Rosy Glow Blush

Shannon Lawlor
Executive Beauty Editor

Shannon Lawlor is the Executive Beauty Editor at Marie Claire. With nearly a decade of experience working for some of the beauty industry’s most esteemed titles, including Who What Wear, Glamour UK, Stylist and Refinery29, Shannon’s aim is to make the conversation around beauty as open, relatable and honest as possible. As a self-confessed lazy girl, Shannon has an affinity for hard-working perfumes, fool-proof make-up products and does-it-all skincare.