Everything I learnt from my evening with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s makeup artist

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  • Which means I should start looking like her right? Right?

    If you asked me what my favourite part about being a beauty editor is, I would tell you it’s getting to test out some of the most incredible skincare products and nailing my skincare routine. For I am a skincare junkie, not a makeup one.

    However, I’ve recently started experimenting more and am desperate to change my ways. I want to go from someone who whacks on some concealer, mascara and blusher then heads out the door to applying two shades of eyeshadow, followed by a pop of glitter and a statement red lip.

    I’m all ears when it comes to makeup tips at the moment. And if you’re going to take makeup tips from someone, who better than the woman who makes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley look like this…?

    Nikki DeRoest, bareMinerals Global Makeup Artist, is a complete glow-genius. So when I found out I was to spend an evening with her in a makeup masterclass, I was sure to take notes.

    These are the tips and tricks that I learnt…

    Where to apply your highlighter

    We all know that the best highlighter can transform a look, but knowing exactly where to put it and how much to use can sometimes be tricky.

    We’re often told to apply it to the high points of our face – the cheekbones and the bridge of our nose – and DeRoest agrees with this, but she also recommends popping it on to the end of your nose: ‘selfies tend to be taken side-on, so highlight the sides of your nostrils.’

    She also takes her highlighter just south of your under eye: ‘I like to go pretty far under the eyes, because I really like to reflect the light under the eyes. It’s really brightening.’ An excellent tip if you have really dark circles like me.

    She prefers to use a liquid highlighter, for its natural look, and uses her fingers to press it into the skin to ensure it properly sinks in.

    How to fake fuller lips

    We’re not all blessed with lips like Rosie; I’ve inherited my mother’s lips, nicknamed ‘little lippies’ by my father, so I’m world’s away. However DeRoest says that we musn’t worry about that, because there is a simple trick to fake full, voluptuous lips.

    No matter what colour lipstick you plan to apply, grab a nude lip liner that’s a slightly darker than your skintone. Use it to trace your natural lip line, but overline it ever so slightly at the corners of your mouth. This will give the illusion that you’ve got a perfect pillowy pout.

    Follow this up with any colour, even the best red lipstick, for a polished look.

    Where you should actually start to fill your brows

    It seems pretty obvious, but DeRoest says the part of your brow that needs filling the most is the area that has the least amount of hairs. So, whichever brow product you use – for there are so many of the best brow makeup products out there – ‘start by filling in the tails on the outer corners, then brush in the same direction using a spoolie as you go.’

    Once you’ve done this, looks at your brows and judge whether you need to add any more to the bit closest to your nose. Nobody wants tadpole-esque eyebrows, what you’re aiming for is textured, brushed up brows.

    So there we have it; three really simple tips from the woman who repeatedly makes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley look glowier than the sun.

    You are most welcome.

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