My hair is fine, flat and thin—here's my honest review of the new Zara Hair products

There are two real stand-outs

Zara Hair products
(Image credit: Shannon Lawlor)

Zara Hair isn't a product range I thought I'd ever find myself writing a review on. Having been in this business for a decade, I am firm in my belief that luxury, premium haircare brings a level of joy to my life that I don't want to be without—and a Zara Hair range ain't it. From hair masks and purple shampoos to hairspray and volumising products, I tend to lean toward the more luxurious offerings when it comes to hair care.

However, when I first learned that Zara was moving into the hair styling space, I was intrigued. Not because I thought that a high-street fashion brand has what it takes to launch genuinely great styling products, but because the product development was headed by Guido Palau—a man who certainly does have what it takes.

Shannon Lawlor after using Zara Hair products

(Image credit: Shannon Lawlor)

Palau is one of the most esteemed hair stylists in the game, having worked in salons, with celebrities, and on countless fashion shows. He is somewhat of a backstage legend. So, when I heard that he was behind Zara's foray into hair styling products, I suddenly had high expectations.

When it comes to reviewing hair products, however, I appreciate that my preferences are niche. My hair is very, very long, fine, straight, and deceptively thin. As a result, it doesn't take well to styling products, and I have spent my entire career looking for styling products that deliver some much-needed volume without leaving my hair sticky, flat, and matted. Oh, and I hate the feeling of any sort of product in my hair—I want it to feel silky and freshly washed at all times.

So, fully aware of the fact I was setting both Palau and Zara up for failure, I decided to put every Zara Hair product to the test. I have been testing each product over a period of 6 weeks to ensure I can give a truly well-rounded review here. So, here it goes—my brutally honest thoughts on the new Zara Hair range.

Shannon Lawlor
Executive Beauty Editor

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