‘Is my hair too thick and curly to get the cool girl lob?’

Features Editor Jenny Proudfoot sits down with Neville’s Creative Director Jack Merrick-Thirlway to talk lobs…

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Features Editor Jenny Proudfoot sits down with Neville’s Creative Director Jack Merrick-Thirlway to talk lobs…

As someone who struggles with thick frizzy hair and unruly curls, I have always been too afraid to cut my hair short, instead growing my hair as long as possible and trying every de-frizz treatment imaginable.

Then, the cool girl lob haircut came along and I couldn’t live without it.

In order to find out if my hair was too thick and curly to get THE haircut of 2020, I went to the best, heading to Knightsbridge’s luxurious Neville’s Hair and Beauty salon, a celebrity favourite, to sit down with Creative Director, Jack Merrick-Thirlway.

After our sit-down, Jack cut my hair into a cool girl lob and it is genuinely my favourite hairstyle and length I have ever had - especially when I teamed it with a liquid gold smoothing treatment.

Here’s what I learnt about getting a lob from Jack…

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What is it important to consider before getting a lob?

Face shape and hair texture are two of the most important thing when considering a lob. Firstly not everyone can pull off a lob, as with every haircut, face shape and bone structure is vital so a lob is no different, we can however adapt a lob maybe cooperating a fringe or softer/heavier lines. As for hair texture, if the client has thick curly hair, taking weight from the exact area is vital, as it need to sit perfectly if not styled with heat.

Is there anyone who shouldn't get a lob?

Lobs are pretty versatile in the sense a one length lob can make fine hair look thicker, and a choppy lob with weight removed can make thick corse hair look soft.

How can people with thick curly hair achieve a manageable lob?

I think thick curly hair with a lob has to be cut perfectly, with weight removed from the correct areas which will mean the hair will sit nicely even without using heat appliances.

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Are there any rules for people with thick curly hair when getting a lob?

Do not go too short as the hair will puff out and becomes a mushroom shape which we do not want. Leaving a little extra length means the weight will shape the hair better and keep it more manageable.

Do you have any aftercare lob advice for people with thick curly hair?

Products for any haircut/type is vital, but for thick curly hair a great smoothing cream such as loreal liss control is excellent at keeping your mane under control, and will also help to protect hair from the heat if using a dryer or appliances.

Is there an A-lister that to you has the perfect lob?

Margot Robbie has a fantastic lob.

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What is the biggest misconception about getting a lob?

I think when getting a lob clients may assume its much easier to manage than longer hair, which sometimes is the case, but dependent on hair type could take a bit of management using products and styling appliances.

Its been split, 50/50. Some clients are loving the extra length that they have managed to grow during lockdown so we are keeping the length and maybe introducing a fringe for a slight change. Some clients are completely tired of the same long hair and want a huge change and going for a lob or sometimes shorter!

Neville’s Hair and Beauty, Knightsbridge:

5 Pont St, Belgravia, London SW1X 9EJ 020 7235 3654

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