hairstyles for thick hair

Hairstyles for thick hair that’ll make your mane look amazing

Thick hair, don't care

While everyone thinks you should feel blessed, sometimes it can be a right ball ache finding hairstyles for thick hair that actually work.

Thick hair can take ages to style, not every haircut works and sometimes it’s almost impossible to create a ‘do that doesn’t look like it’s straight out of the 80s.

If you want to create the illusion of thinner hair, you need to section parts off. Diane Kruger is a master of weaving her hair intricately, making it look more delicate, while Kate Middleton often uses the good old half up ‘do to help hers seem less thick.

For a quick fix, simply tuck your hair behind your ears to create a dual texture look. The sleekness at the top will nicely balance the fullness at the ends. Same goes for pushing your hair back on one side à la Gigi Hadid. Ombre hair also works well, as the lighter shade makes ends look less heavy.

Short hairstyles for thick hair

Ever popular bobs and lobs both look great with thick, bouncy hair. Go for a blunt edged bob if you have a round face, or softer tapered layers with a square face to soften your jaw line.

For celebrity inspiration, look to stars like Rose Byrne or Julianne Hough for the perfectly styled thick bob.

Medium length hairstyles for thick hair

If you want to keep the fullness of your style without adding layers, aim for a length just past your shoulders. It’s long enough to style, but won’t take you half day to curl, wave or straighten.

Keep in mind that chin to shoulder length hair can be hard to work; waves will add an interesting element to thick hairstyles for medium length.

Long hairstyles for thick hair

Long, thick hair is great because you can do SO much with it; the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing from intricate long braids, bun hairstyles or other hair updos.

Blake Lively and Kate Middleton are two of the biggest names in thick and lustrous hair, constantly stepping out with beautiful blow dries and bouncing curls (also constantly the objects of our envy).

Read on for our guide to the top ten hairstyles for thick hair, as demonstrated by our favourite celebrities.

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