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Frizzy Hair: How to tame the beast

Frizz needn't rule your world, here's how to beat it...

Hands up if you want glossy, healthy and smooth hair? That’s most of us then. Sadly, unruly frizzy hair is the barrier between the hair we want and the hair we have. Sound familiar?

There are many reasons why your hair might not be co-operating: perpetually dry hair, breakages, split ends, static, all contribute to a halo of fuzz. Our hair is made up of three layers and thousands of cells. The outer layer is the cuticle, which under a microscope looks like a grid of roof tiles. Their main purpose is to protect the hair’s cortex and they should, ideally, lie flat, giving the appearance of silky smooth hair. Lack of moisture, heat styling, chemical damage, you name it, cause these tiles to ruffle and before you know it you’re outlined in frizz.

There is something you can do about it, though. Read on to find out how to stop your hair form getting frizzy.

Use a smoothing mask

A weekly strengthening mask will help to flatten ruffled cuticles. Try Leonor Greyl Masque Á L’Orchidée Softening Mask for Frizzy Hair, £33.97, it contains plant ceramides that strengthen hair, film-forming silk proteins to impart some shine and botanical oils to really nourish battered hair and boost elasticity.

Wrap your hair in silk (literally)

If you haven’t heard of the Silke hair wrap, £45, have you even lived!? This will quite literally change your life and banish those bad hair days because it works for all hair types. Wear it nightly to stop any frizz, breakages or split ends – and because you’re decreasing any friction, you’re also promoting growth and encouraging all your natural hair oils to be spread out evenly. And, think about incorporating Silke hair ties, £21, into your every day, too, as it’ll mean no snags, no tugs, no kinks and most importantly, no damage.

Extend your blow dry

We all familiar with the pain; you painstakingly force your hair into submission by way of a blow dry, only for a bout of rain or a touch of humidity to drag it kicking and screaming back to square one. John Frieda’s Three Day Straight, £6.99, is something of a game changer. Mist the heat-activated spray onto your hair while it’s still damp, dry it as normal and then use straightening irons to activate it. It cleverly contains keratin (the main protein found in hair) and a heat-activate polymer, which freezes your smooth style in time. Well, for three days at anyway.

Learn a fool-proof blow-dry technique

Aveda’s new Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight Blow-Dry Masterclass, from £46, will give you the necessary know-how to style your hair frizz-free every time. The treatment begins with a good cleanse and condition using Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner before being prepped with Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother. This genius spray really knocks the life out of frizz but it also protects against heat styling. Your stylist will then get to work on crafting your sleek ‘do’ all the while teaching you the tips and techniques to recreate the look at home.

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Experience the treatment that banishes frizz for weeks

A permanent blow-dry is still, by far, the best method of taming unwanted frizz. The new Daniel Hersheson Permanent BlowDry, from £220, swaps potentially harmful formaldehyde for glycolic acid, and whereas older versions of the treatment would excessively dry-out hair, this new formula does the opposite. Gilles Consalves, who is responsible for introducing the Brazilian Blow Dry into the UK, explains: ‘Early permanent blow-dry treatments were just too drying and left hair in a parched state. This new formula uses hyaluronic acid to ramp-up moisture.’

And you can forget waiting for it to set. ‘Older formulations needed time to ‘set’ so you couldn’t wash your hair for three days after your treatment. This isn’t so bad if you have thick hair but if you’re hair is fine it’s a greasy mess by day three. This new formulation gives the results but you can wash and style your hair straight away if you want to.’ Depending on your hair’s natural texture the results should last for at least three months.

Swap your tools for the kinder options

There’s no doubt that our reliance on heated styling tools has contributed to unwanted frizz. Even the gentlest of appliances damage and dehydrate hair, encouraging it to frizz. That said, there’s no chance we’re downing tools. Now new technology offers less damage and a temporary solution to the fuzz. BaByliss Diamond 235 Hair Straightener, £80, has diamond infused plates (yes, real diamonds) with the purpose of smoothing unruly hair follicles. While the new GHD Aura, £145, uses an advanced ioniser to remove static from hair and knock-back frizz.

Beat frizz from within

Up your intake of omegas within your diet, they will help strengthen brittle hair and bring some much needed moisture and so cut-down on frizz. You’ll find plenty of omega-3 in salmon, mackerel and tuna. Also look for acai, flaxseed and kemp oil. A good in-take of omegas will also help remedy a dry flakey scalp and some studies even suggest they can help to ward off hair loss.

It’s not just within your diet where you can fortify your hair with omega 3. Try a daily supplement such as Perricone MD Omega 3 Supplements, £32 for 90 soft gels, which is derived from Wild Sockeye Salmon.


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