Harry Styles' new buzzcut hard-launched in new shots that celebrate his fragrance range

Harry looked relaxed in a knit from the brand

Harry Styles hair cut
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We never could have predicted the collective attachment the nation has to Harry Styles' hair. When the first pictures emerged of Harry just minding his own business with his new buzzcut, there was an online backlash to Harry 'shaving his head' that took us completely by surprise—we're talking accounts of actual tears and grief. 

The grainy pictures released earlier in November suggested the singer had swapped his trademark curls for a shorter style, which was later confirmed by his mum when a fan feverishly questioned her in Ikea earlier this week. 

And now we have the visual proof that Harry has indeed opted for a brand new look—quite simply because, as his mum revealed, "he fancied a change".

Harry's beauty brand, Pleasing, recently entered the fragrance world with the launch of its own perfume and with it released a photograph of the star—without any mention of the new look, might we add—with the caption: "Our Founder, Harry Styles, toasts the launch of Pleasing Fragrance with friends in London. November, 2023."

The photograph series was captured by photographer Lloyd Wakefield, who has worked with Harry before, showcasing his longer locks previously. 

Sure, some fans waded in with the 'RIP to Harry's curls' comments, but there were also a significant amount of fans who defended Harry's right to wear his hair however he chooses, with one writing: "Everyone’s mad about the curls and they will be missed but I am LIVING for this new look, this man seriously can pull off anything. so excited for this launch too."

Another said, commenting how famous people actually do have feelings too: "I hate how much hate he is getting—and how many articles are being released etc. I hope he’s not seeing all the negativity and feeling affected by it. 

"I think he’s gorgeous as always and this new look really makes his eyes pop. Love you Harry sm."

And a third wrote: "Man built an empire, spreads love, tolerance, creativity and kindness, and still some of you are limiting yourselves to commenting on his hair.
Ask yourselves how you would feel. TPWK."

The news of Harry's buzzcut first hit headlines when US gossip account Deuxmoi shared an image of Harry with a new buzzcut at a U2 concert in Las Vegas with rumoured girlfriend, Taylor Russell last week. 

Since then, the media attention has been pretty intense. 

Needless to say, it's certainly drummed up some attention for his new fragrance brand, Pleasing, which also sells the fetching 'kissing swan' knitwear Harry's wearing in the promo shots.

We're feeling Harry's new look, TBH.

Pleasing's core three fragrances launch today, with more clothing and accessory drops coming in December. You can find out more on the brand's website.

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