Harry Styles appears to have shaved his head - and fans think it's all down to Taylor Swift

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Harry Styles hair cut
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Harry Styles has been making headlines in recent weeks, if not for his reported relationship with Canadian star Taylor Russell then due to Swifties drawing attention to the lyrics on Taylor Swift's previously unreleased songs and speculating that he may be the inspiration behind some of her vault tracks.  

Harry and Taylor (Swift, that is) dated for a few months in late 2012, and over the years fans have suggested that her songs Style and Out of the Woods are about the former boy band member. However, when she re-released her 1989 album in October, listeners noted that in Now That We Don't Talk she sings: 

"You grew your hair long / You got new icons / And from the outside / It looks like you’re tryin’ lives on / I miss the old ways / You didn’t have to change / But I guess I don’t have a say / Now that we don’t talk."

And it seems the reference to her love interest's hair has become a particularly popular talking point since Harry was seemingly spotted with a new hairdo - a buzzcut, no less. While long hair has been his signature look of his for years, in pictures obtained by celebrity gossip account Deux Moi it appears that Harry might have gone for the chop. 

A follower had sent a message claiming to have seen Harry at a U2 gig in Las Vegas, complete with an accompanying - if blurry - snap. Shared on the Instagram account's stories, the person wrote: "Harry Styles appered to be missing something at the U2 concert at Sphere in Las Vegas this past Wednesday..."

Harry Styles hair cut

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His fans have been quick to share their thoughts on X - formerly known as Twitter - with one writing: "Taylor Swift released 1989 TV with lyrics about Harry Styles saying how she didn’t like how he changed/got long hair after they ended, so he immediately took notes/got a buzzcut!"

Another said: "Taylor Swift gagged Harry Styles so bad he shaved his head. What is this life we're living."

A third added: "I do not buy Harry Styles shaving his hair off. Absolutely not. Not having it."

The supposed hair cut has also sparked a number of memes with fans adjusting to the change, as one person wrote: "A moment of silence for Harry's curls."

We'll just have to wait for his next public appearance...

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