Harry Styles' mum has now waded into the buzzcut furore

The cut is taking over the internet

Harry Styles hair cut
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When the news broke that Harry Styles had swapped his signature curls for a buzzcut, there was somewhat of a national outcry. The resounding question after the grainy pictures emerged of Harry sporting the new buzzcut style from those who are clearly so invested in Harry's luscious locks was: "Why?"

Well, it seems we now have the answer to this perplexing hair 'do conundrum. And it's come to us from a very unlikely source—a fan who bumped into Harry's mum in Ikea. Taking to TikTok, the (somewhat overwhelmed) fan posted a video that shared all the details of her chance meeting with Harry's mum, which she calls the "BEST DAY OF MY LIFE". 

After initially doubting that Harry Styles' mum would be 'shopping in Ikea on a Sunday' as 'that just doesn't make sense', the fan - who goes by @madelin_elise on TikTok - plucked up the courage to ask for a photo with Anne, before questioning her about Harry's new haircut. 

"Has Harry shaved his head?" she asked his mum, to which she replied simply: "Yes."


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Stunned, the fan told her TikTok followers: "I didn’t know what to do with this information. Not only have I met the love of my life’s mother, she then tells me that he’s shaved his head!"

Madelin then went on to explain how her dad asked Anne: "Is it for a film or is it just for a change?”

To which Harry's mum replied: "It’s because he’s on holiday, he fancied a change." Fair play, Harry!

The fan raved about the interaction, writing in the comments that Anne is 'genuinely the most wonderful person' after glowingly recounting how Harry's mum told her 'don't ever call yourself a loser' when she apologised for breaking down in tears during the encounter. 

The news originally filtered into the public consciousness when US gossip account Deuxmoi shared an image of Harry sporting a buzzcut at a U2 concert in Las Vegas with rumoured girlfriend, Taylor Russell last week. The reaction has been rather intense, with fans asking for 'a moment's silence for Harry's curls'. 

A number of conspiracy theories have also emerged, from one that alleges the singer has been hiding a receding hairline, to another claim that Harry went for the chop in protest to a Taylor Swift lyric.

Nice to know his mum is completely unbothered, though.

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