Blunt haircuts are about to be everywhere in 2024 – here's how to choose your style

Make it polished & razor sharp this year

Blunt haircut
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When it comes to hair trends, you may have noticed short hair is quite literally *everywhere*. Whether it's a bob on your Insta feed or a shoulder-length cut worn by your favourite celebrity, you can't escape the look. 

And chances are, you may have spotted these shorter cuts becoming more and more blunt, with razor-sharp angles and not a choppy layer in sight. Truth is, forget blunt bobs – the blunt cut looks chic with any length hair, so it's not exclusive to those of us with bobs

Here's everything you need to know about the blunt cut, from its key benefits to how to style it.

What is a blunt haircut?

A blunt cut is exactly what you'd imagine: it's bold and sharp rather than soft and feathery. It's usually cut in a straight line to create that uniform look. 

In short, it's "a build up of weight on the ends of hair to create a clear, shaped line that I believe resembles healthy and full hair", explains  Andrew Plester, Education Director at Arkive

What are the benefits of having a blunt cut?

A polished, uniform look that often appears not to have a hair out of place doesn't sound like the most low-maintenance style, but there are in fact many benefits to the blunt cut, which now feels more modern and less rigid in definition than it used to. In fact, says Andrew, it can result in less styling time and an easier process from home, if you perfect that cut.

"The beauty of a blunt haircut is that – if done right – when the hair is moved and shaken, it will just fall back into place." This means less time trying to get your hair to do what you tell it, which can only be a good thing. 

Andrew also explains that it can do wonders for those with fine hair, as "it can make the hair look much thicker and fuller," as well as promoting a healthier look overall, due to the sharp, split-free ends. 

Who should try a blunt style?

As mentioned, short hair is really having a moment right now, and with that has come an influx of blunt cuts. However, that doesn't mean this is only a chop suited to those with shoulder-length or shorter hair – in fact, it tends to suit most of us. 

"I wouldn’t necessarily say that anyone should avoid a blunt haircut as this is a haircut/technique that can help keep the hair super healthy," says Andrew.

While the look complements sharp, straight styles, it can also look lovely on curly hair too; it all just relies on the right cut being done to suit whichever hair type you have. 

Andrew does, however, suggest speaking with a hairdresser first if you have thick hair that lacks movement, as this is a technique that builds weight within the hair so it may not be quite right for you.

Blunt hair inspiration

Still need convincing? We've found some of the chicest looks on Instagram to inspire your next cut. 

Polly Sayer's newly chopped hair is making us want to run to the salon! Super sharp, this is the ultimate look for low maintenance at-home styling.

A blunt haircut looks gorgeous with a fringe to frame the face, as well as with pretty waves. 

This mid-length look proves it's not just bobs that can benefit greatly from a blunt cut. 

This gorgeous French micro bob by Faye Ellaby looks amazing in platinum blonde.

You can't beat Rochelle Humes' current style, which looks especially chic tucked behind the ears.

Sable Yong proves that a blunt cut can look cute with a softer fringe for the ultimate juxtaposition. 

Longer locks suit a blunt cut just as well as shorter ones; just look at Linda Tol's gorgeous hair.

We're in love with this shiny, polished look from Jourdan Dunn; it's just so stylish.

If you're growing out your bob and want to make mid-length hair look cool and snappy, cut it into a blunt style.

Cleo Wade's curly blunt bob is so, so pretty and chic.

Styling products for a blunt haircut

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