8 wet weather friendly hairstyles to keep the frizz at bay

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  • Caught short in the rain? Keep frizz at bay with these easy hairstyles

    There’s nothing more annoying than getting caught in the rain before you go to work/meet friends/go on a date. It’s the perfect recipe for a disastrous ‘do – unless you get handy with your hair.
    Enter braids, buns and simple slicked back hairstyles that not only tame your hair, but keep annoying fly-aways and frizz under control. The best part? For most of them all you need is a small, soft bristle brush and a hair elastic.

    We’ve scoured years of celebrity hairstyles to pick the absolute best ‘dos to tackle whatever weather is thrown your way. If it’s pouring with rain, Candice Swanepoel has a sleek bun that’ll give any beach waves a run for their money in the style stakes. If it’s windy, Chanel Iman has the perfect style to keep fly-aways at bay and if you simply don’t have time to play around with your hair, Rooney Mara has a style that’s so simple, it almost does itself, yet so beautiful, it’s red carpet ready.
    Don’t let the weather get the better of you. Arm yourself with these weatherproof hairstyles. Or give it some back up with a frizz fighting shampoo.

    First up is the Double Braid, as shown by Hailey Baldwin. If your hair is unruly, these braids will keep it under control.

    1. Divide your hair down the centre and secure the half of your hair that you’re not using with an elastic to keep it out of the way.
    2. Gather a small section (of the section you left unbound) at the front of your hairline and separate into three sections (right, middle, left) close to your roots.
    3. Weave the right section across the middle, so now the middle section is the right section.
    4. Now weave the left section over the new middle section, so it becomes the middle.
    5. Before you start again, add an inch of hair to the section on the right and left, so you’re picking up more hair as you go.
    6. Repeat the process until you’ve added in all of the remaining hair on one side.

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