The fragrance brand you don’t know about, but you really bloody should

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    The market is flooded with different fragrances – from niche, designer and celebrity perfumes to gourmand, citrus and woody scents. And I’m not talking a bit of light flooding in winter, I’m talking national emergency, get the army’s help, flooding. Walk into any high street beauty hall nowadays and the choice is overwhelming. To make matter worse, at every turn is another sales person armed with a bottle ready to douse you. Well allow me to put an end to this confusion and point you in the right direction. Whenever you find yourself in a department store, head straight to the Aerin Beauty. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

    aerin beauty

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re not that familiar with Aerin Beauty, it’s a realitvely small brand, that despite launching into the UK in 2013, has not been given the recognition it deserves. The brand founder is Aerin Lauder, granddaughter to Estée Lauder, a fabulous New Yorker whose premise in life, which is reflected in the brand, is ‘living beautifully should be effortless.’ In the US, it’s a fully-fledged lifestyle brand influenced by her signature style and aestethic, as well as travel and flowers, with everything from kitchenware and stationary to fashion and beauty. Aerin (the brand and the woman) is a household name, with many obsessing over the founder’s life; her Instagram is a neverending inspiration board.

    aerin beauty


    I remember the day I smelt my first Aerin fragrance like it was yesterday. As soon as I had sprayed a little of Lilac Path into the air, I was in love. From that moment on, I have always owned a bottle of it. I honestly believe it’s one of the best perfume for women. It was even the scent I chose to take on my honeymoon with me. That’s the thing about Aerin Beauty fragrances, they’re conjuer up the most wonderful scent memories.

    The range, made up of 18 fragrances, is incredibly diverse – each one evokes a different mood and feeling. The bottles themselves are simply stunning – the gem caps making them somewhat of a collector’s item that will jazz up any dressing table.

    Here’s a roundup of my absolute favourites, but I urge you to make a trip to the counter yourself to find the one that has you hooked.

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