The best face massage tools of 2019

Sculpt your face and melt away stress with just a few sweeps. We show you how…
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  • Face massage could be the difference between OK skin and the type of gleaming complexion you put on your bucket list for the new year…

    For me, the best part of any facial isn’t the deep-dive pore purge or the high-tech gadgetry – it’s the face massage. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    I’m clearly not alone. Such is our appetite for mimicking the physical and wellbeing benefits of a professional sculpting facial, the market for at-home skin-perfecting tools is now worth upwards of £463 million.

    What exactly are the benefits of face massage?

    ‘There are so many,’ says A-list facialist Joanna Czech whose own Facial Massager is currently the best-selling tool on Net-A-Porter. ‘It can speed up circulation and bring more oxygen to the tissue, resulting in brighter, healthier skin. By kick-starting your lymph system, a facial roller also helps drain away excess fluid and toxins. And finally, it can change the shape of your face; lifting the brows, the jawline and emphasizing long-lost cheekbones.’

    Face massage also makes your skincare products work harder, adds LA-based aesthetician Nurse Jamie, whose clients include the Kardashian clan.

    ‘You can have the best ingredients and consistently apply creams but a face massage will help increase product absorption and results,’ she says.

    The tools of the trade

    From microcurrent to sonic technology, there’s a gamut of different high-tech face massage gadgets to arm yourself with in the quest for firm, glowing skin.

    ‘High-frequency sonic vibrations help to rejuvenate cells and encourage fluid drainage around your brow and jaw area,’ says Nurse Jamie.

    Meanwhile, those with microcurrent send gentle waves through the skin, stimulating the underlying tissues and facial muscles for both instant and cumulative results.

    But a cursory glance at the flat lays on Instagram reveals a love-affair with one tool: the facial roller. In particular, the jade roller.

    Perhaps this is because, by happy coincidence, the upward and outward motion of a facial roller is almost meditative. So your breathing becomes slower and deeper and, much like a gym workout, the face massage it delivers releases feel-good endorphins.

    Here we’ve rounded up the best face massage innovations, from the boundary breaking to the downright practical, that will elevate your skincare routine – plus precisely how to use them…

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