Jade rollers – what are the benefits, and do you really need one?

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Ten years ago, I’d bet that few people would have been able to tell you what jade rollers do. But now it seems that, collectively, we’re a bit obsessed with them – since the beginning of this year alone, e-tailer Cult Beauty has seen a 15% increase in sales of these bad boys.

That said, while you may have seen endless beauty bloggers rolling them across their faces on Instagram, you probably still have some questions about these little green tools. We spoke to a couple of experts to get the low down on jade rollers, plus how you use one properly.

What are the benefits of jade rollers?

‘Crystals in tool form such as our Jade Facial Roller utilise the cool, smooth weighted-ness of polished crystal to energise and renew the complexion, amplify the health and glow of the skin, and evenly distribute oils for a luminous effect,’ explains David Petrusich, Head of Education at Herbivore Botanicals.

‘Crystal rollers are naturally cooler than room temperature, offering skin tightening benefits and calming inflammation. Chilled rollers are useful for anyone with allergies because they help to reduce puffiness around the eyes.’ So even if you’re not a massive crystal enthusiast, that’s not to say you wouldn’t enjoy the immediate effects of rolling.

‘Fans of jade rollers claim that they boost circulation, detoxify the skin, reduce puffiness, calm inflammation and rashes, aid penetration of skincare products and slow the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles,’ consultant dermatologist Dr Justine Kluk tells us. ‘In theory, massage can help boost lymphatic drainage and cool compresses applied to the skin may calm swelling temporarily.

‘Use of jade rollers may also form part of a soothing, feel-good ritual to reduce stress, and high stress levels can aggravate skin conditions like acne, eczema or psoriasis. In these ways, jade rollers may indirectly deliver benefits to skin wellbeing.

While there’s no doubt users find them useful, Dr Kluk reminds us that little scientific research has been conducted to prove the long-term benefits of jade rollers. ‘There is no good quality scientific research to support many of the claims directly. For example, I am not sure that using a jade roller aids absorption of products any more than smoothing thoroughly with clean fingertips and I’m sceptical that jade rollers have any impact on reducing wrinkle formation.

‘However, if they are a step towards better self care and aid compliance with a skincare routine, I don’t see the harm in using one.’

The bottom line is that using a jade roller may be beneficial for your skin, but don’t stress if your skincare routine has been without one up until this point. Keen to learn more? Scroll down for David’s tips on how to use a jade roller below, plus a round up of some of the jade rollers on the beauty market RN.

How to use a jade roller

If this is the first day you’ve seen a jade roller, you’re probably wondering how on earth they work. Watch the above video by Summer Fridays co-founder Marianna Hewitt to see a roller in action, and read on for David’s top tips for using your new beauty tool.

‘First, choose your favourite facial oil and apply a few drops to clean skin to create a smooth surface,’ explains David. ‘To begin, take your roller and start from the inner cheeks. Use the smaller side around the eyes and the larger side on the rest of the face. Move outwards towards the ears with gentle strokes (not applying too much pressure) and continue for around one minute or more.

‘Next, follow down to the chin and continue to move outwards towards the ears for a minute. Be sure to focus on the jawline as we tend to hold a lot of tension in our jaw. Make sure when moving out from the chin you move down below the ear down your neck to encourage lymphatic drainage, avoiding your pulse point.

‘Lastly, move to the forehead, using gentle upwards strokes from the eyebrows to the hairline for one minute or more. Then move above your eyebrows from the centre towards your temple – this is another area we can hold tension. On the rest of your forehead keep gently rolling towards the temple – this can be very soothing for headaches.

‘Once you have massaged your face, it’s time to move the circulation down the lymphs. Criss-cross your hands and locate the end of your jawline on each side then use gentle downward strokes towards the mid-collarbones. Rolling down the neck from under the ear avoiding the pulse point and take it all the way down to clavicle point to flush the lymph out. Finish by gently tapping all over your face as if you’re playing the piano.

‘For an extra skin tightening benefit, place your roller in the fridge for a few minutes prior to use.’

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