Taliban posing as good-looking women on Facebook to spy on soldiers

Insurgents are pretending to be women on social networking sites to gather crucial intelligence

A report has warned that the Taliban are posing as attractive women on Facebook, befriending soldiers to spy on them and gather information.

According to Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, Australian troops are being warned about the ploy after the report was released by the Australian government.

The report, which was released by the Australian government, also warned that geo-tagging – where websites secretly log the location of where a post is made or a photo is uploaded – poses a particular threat.

Most of the 1577 defence members surveyed for the report said they had no idea that enemies would pose as other people to gather intelligence.

It is believed education is needed on the dangers of putting information, like name and location, online.

Many troops have a total ban on social media due to these fears.


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