Gossiping bonds men but tears women apart

We all like a good gossip with our friends but while it may bring men closer, it can make women feel insecure

We might think sharing tittle tattle will elevate our position in our friendship groups but it could have an adverse effect.

Women are more likely to jeopardise their friendships by gossiping than men, according to a new study, conducted at the Grant MacEwan University in Canada.

Men tend to chat about their interests and boast about achievements, while female friendships are often more intimate, and therefore the gossip centres more around social information and appearance.

‘The male friendship is more characterised by engaging in group activities so gossip can serve to enhance the bond between individuals within the group’ says study leader, Dr. David Watson.

The study suggests female friendships commonly revolve less around group activities, making gossip more important. When women gossip about appearance or social information, Dr. Watson believes it affects the quality of the friendship.

‘This type of gossip may be more of a competitive threat to the relationship in females.’


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