6 Retreats And Workshops To Help You #BREAKFREE From Likes

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  • It's week two of Marie Claire's #BREAKFREE Campaign, and this week we're examining our dependence on other people's approval...

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder – the list goes on – taking over your life? Are you constantly swiping, scrolling and refreshing to check for new likes and messages? Well, you could make like Eddie Redmayne and get rid of your smartphone entirely; he recently admitted he’d swapped his for a – gasp – normal phone that only calls and texts.

    He said, ‘I tried switching back to a simple, old-fashioned handset in place of a smartphone. It was a reaction against being glued permanently to my iPhone during waking hours. The deluge of emails was constant and I found myself trying to keep up in real time, at the expense of living in the moment.’

    If you find yourself agreeing, but the idea of giving up your iPhone fills you with dread and fear, why not try one of these retreats or workshops to help ease you into a digital detox and boost your self-esteem…

    Raw Horizons
    Titled ‘Confident You’, their 5-day retreat in Yorkshire aims to build healthy self esteem through life coaching workshops, yoga classes, meditation and spa facilities.

    Unplugged Weekend
    Held once a year in a peaceful countryside setting (last year it was the Brecon Beacons) this tech-free weekend comes complete with a ‘group device surrendering ceremony’ on arrival. You’ll be given the chance to properly connect with others and yourself with a schedule full of yoga, meditation and creative workshops. So if you find yourself still sending work emails at 1am and have your phone consistently glued to your ear, this could be the one for you.

    Reclaim Your Self
    Choose from a yoga retreat in the UK, Europe or even in the remote corners of Mongolia, where the accommodation ranges from luxury private villas right down to a nomadic yurt camp. Reclaim Your Self promises to help you go back to your daily life with ‘renewed vitality and inspiration,’ and even helps with sleep problems too.

    Caldey Abbey
    What better way to detox from technology than by staying in an abbey on an Island off the coast of Wales? Located on Caldey Island, a short boat ride from Tenby Harbour, it’s a space for individuals and groups to spend a few smartphone-free days of quiet and reflection.

    Therapy Retreats – Confidence Regained
    Led by the Director of Therapy Retreats, David Keighley, this retreat aims to teach you how to deal with feelings of low self-esteem and low confidence. It covers all forms of low self-confidence, from driving, exam, and job interview fears and speaking on the phone.

    Breakthrough Retreats
    Offering one-day workshops right up to 7-day retreats, they also help those suffering from anxiety and depression as well as low self-esteem. Their therapy comes in a wide range of forms, from Reiki to hypnotherapy.

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