George Michael to appear in Xmas Extras

George Michael will appear in Extras Christmas special

George Michael has had an up-and-down year, so it’s great to hear he hasn’t lost his sense of humour – the star will be sending himself up on the Christmas special of hit Ricky Gervais comedy, Extras.

The singer will be seen cruising for gay sex on Hampstead Heath while smoking a joint and eating a kebab.

He spots TV star Andy Millman (Gervais) and his gay friend Bunny on a park bench, sits down next to them and asks: ‘Any action? Will you do me a favour and look out for the paparazzi?’

But Andy snitches on him to a snapper after he hears George agreed to go on the Catherine Tate Christmas special instead of his.

This year’s Christmas show will be the last ever episode of Extras, and Ricky and co-writer Stephen Merchant are determined to go out with a bang.

Other guests include David Tennant, Gordon Ramsay and Hale and Pace.

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