Amy Winehouse to donate £50,000 to Romanian orphanage

Amy Winehouse donates £50,000 to Romanian orphanage

AMY WINEHOUSE IS set to donate £50,000 to a Romanian orphanage after learning that her hair extensions could have come from there.

The troubled singer, who wears a weave to achieve her trademark beehive hairdo, was stunned to discover orphans in Romania often have all their hair cut off to supply hair extensions to western women. In this case, Amy has made sure the pieces she uses come from ethical sources, but the Rehab singer has resolved to help the cause regardless.

A source close to the singer said: ‘Amy met a lovely lady from the group Beauty Hurts and they started chatting about the real hair racket.’

‘She had no idea orphans were exploited. She knows where her weave comes from and to be honest, it’s the U.S where most of the unethically culled hair ends up but she still wanted to help.’

Amy hoped to keep her donation under wraps but recognised the importance of highlighting the issue of where hair extensions are sourced.

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