All The Times Monica and Chandler Were #RelationshipGoals

The one where we imagine these two are dating in real life

Forget Brangelina, Mondler is EVERYTHING.

And rumour has it Monica and Chandler are dating. Yup, a source told Star magazine that Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are ‘Hooking up’. We die. They were adorable on the small screen and we’re convinced they would be adorable in real life.

So let’s use this unsubstantiated rumour as an excuse to remember all the times Monica and Chandler taught us important relationship lessons and made us feel the love.

1. They showed us how to fight like adults.

2. And how to apologise VERY effectively.

3. Their candlelit bubble bath featured a fried chicken order, which is THE ACTUAL DREAM. / Via

6. But hey, sometimes love hurts, that’s just life.

Via Tumblr

7. Top tip: if in doubt, high five it out.

NBC / Via

8. Anyone else really want to be the filling in this epic love sandwich? 

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